Teresianas Activities spirituality centers and houses

Teresianas Activities spirituality centers and houses

Written in: Oct 08, 2014

We're going to offer in this section a list of activities for Santa Teresa offered in houses of spirituality and academic centers and training during the V Centenary of the Birth of St. Teresa of Jesus.
For more information on each activity, You can contact the house that offers.

Teresa-St John International Centre, University of Mystic (Avila)
Web page: www.mistica.es, e-mail contact: info@citesavila.org
Such. (34) 920 352 240
Arroyo Vacas, 3, 05005 AVILA

-October: 03- 05. Pilgrimage Teresa-St John: Alba and Fontiveros
Directs: CITeS Team
– October: 17-19. Meditation with flowers on the texts of Teresa of Jesus
Teacher: Mª Angeles Alvarez
– October: 31- 02.Edificatorio desire and spiritual architecture Teresa of Jesus
Teacher: Nuria Juárez
– November: 7-9. Humility, walk in truth
Teacher: Maximilian Herráiz
– November: 21-23.Prayer to look at the Carmelite saintscitescursos
Teacher: Lola Jara
– December: 12-14. Santa Teresa through its Epistolario
Teacher: Julio Almansa
– December: 12- 14. Pilgrimage Teresa-St John: Segovia
Directs: CITeS Team
– December: 26-30. Spirituality of Consecrated Life with Teresa
Teacher: Fco. Javier Sancho
– January: 16-18. Biography of Teresa of Jesus
Teacher: Ulrich Dobhan
– January: 23-25. Pilgrimage Teresa-St John: Arevalo and Medina del Campo
Directs: CITeS Team
– January: 30-1. Saint Teresa de Jesús, witness and teacher of contemplation
Teacher: Juan Martin Velasco
– January: 30-1. Pedagogy of Teresian Prayer
Teacher: Pedro Tomás Navajas
-February: 13-15. The Book of Life of Teresa of Jesus
Teacher: Javier Sancho
– February 27-1. New Autobiography of Teresa of Jesus: Accounts of Conscience
Directs: Secundino Castro
– March: 6-8. Pilgrimage Teresa-St John: Salamanca
Directs: CITeS Team
– March: 20-22. The Book of the Way of Perfection Teresa of Jesus
Teacher: Herb Nawojowska
– March: 27-29. Praying with Saint Teresa of Jesus in celebration of his 500 anniversary
Teacher: Javier Sancho
– April: 10-12. The apostolate Teresa of Jesus
Teacher: Carmela Martinez
– April: 10-12. Learning to pray with St. Teresa of Jesus
Teacher: Javier Sancho
– April: 10-12. Dwellings of Teresa of Jesus
Teacher: But Antonio
– May 29-31: Epistolary Teresa
Teacher: Romulo Cuartas
– June: 12- 14.The Book of the Foundations of Teresa of Jesus.
Teacher: Maximilian Herráiz
– June: 12- 14. Lay Spirituality in Teresa of Jesus.
Teacher: Myrna Torbay