Goodbye, Bajawa

Goodbye, Bajawa

Written in: Dec 27, 2014

IMG_3660-1024x682By Amaya Álvarez.

Saying goodbye is hard anywhere, but when it is a small place where we also spent almost 4 days and hundreds of people come to say goodbye, and hugging one another, Photo not cease ... is much more complicated. I'll summarize much better. It's hard to leave a place where you feel so loved.

Several cars were escorted to the town of Ende, where the airport is located three hours from Bajawa, just come to say goodbye again. We all think or feel at some point. I do not want to march.

We must be very careful with what you want. The island of Flores is not an enclave well developed for tourism and its small airport two planes depart daily. The first early in the morning were the second early in the afternoon.

After check in, We waited at the airport an hour, of, nothing alarming, it seems that sometimes is common, three ... the plane never arrived. We were trapped on the Island. Wish fulfilled, another day, But on this pilgrimage in which we took a plane after another, and always waiting for us at the following location, delay and no longer a big problem ....

Ende flew to Denpasar as a stopover to get to Sydney. If we did not arrive on time, lose the flight. The little company that had took us to Ende didn’t took any responsibility, and I kept looking on the Internet for the rights of passengers in Indonesia, vainly.

Then comes a message to my mobile, Denpasar flight / Sydney is also canceled. We were relocated in a flight the next day, our hotel was paid and all the expenses, and they apologized for the inconveniences. And suddenly the huge problem disappears above him ....

It certainly was not comfortable going in such a hurry, nor getting to Sydney with no margin at all, were landing to 7:00 in the morning and the first visit occurred at 9:00 in another city, but at least arrive. Although our visit was to see reduced 24 hours-

This pilgrimage in the most practical and logistical sense is quite complex, are many journeys, things that depend on each other and if something fails, a chain of events fails. But we're having a lot of fortune, even if it sometimes seems that will be impossible, something happens and we. They always tell me, is Santa Teresa that is taking care of you. And I smile and I can only mutter, thanks.

So finally, with a little delay, we bid farewell to the island of Flores, and we can continue our way. And again I breathe relieved. We continue.