Ávila expected hundreds of thousands of pilgrims since October for the V Centenary of the birth of Santa Teresa

Ávila expected hundreds of thousands of pilgrims since October for the V Centenary of the birth of Santa Teresa

Written in: May 07, 2014

The city of Ávila is preparing for the arrival of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to celebrate the V Centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus. From the month of October to the same month of 2015 an extensive program of activities will be held to commemorate its anniversary.


The Pope Francis has granted the grace of a Teresian Jubilee Year to all dioceses in Spain. Own Jubilee indulgences are granted saints: plenary indulgence to the faithful truly repentant, with the usual conditions (sacramental confession, Eucharistic communion and prayer for the Pope's intentions). Later will communicate what the temples and shrines where the faithful Jubilee can achieve forbearance be cited. The Holy Father gave the president of the Spanish Episcopal Conference and the bishop of Avila's grace during the Jubilee Year impart the papal blessing, with subsequent plenary indulgence, to the faithful present at the celebrations to be determined, and, truly repentant and moved by charity, They have attended the sacred rites and comply with the conditions laid down above. This would attract more pilgrims to the walled city to win the Jubilee and the plenary indulgence.

The Foundation of St. Teresa of Jesus asks for help to repair antas (throne procession) Sculpture Santa. The carving depicting the image of Santa Teresa has been recently restored, and its chapel. "We believe that some acts of international magnitude deserve such that the image of the Holy participate in them with dignity, under the best possible conditions, so that all persons involved in them, as will the abulenses own and pilgrims from around the world who personally come to this our beautiful city, and through the media, enjoy the splendor of La Santa, as befits its distinguished figure of Avila and world mysticism ", claim the representatives of the Board.

Avila City Council has launched a campaign to eliminate barriers and awareness towards people with disabilities through the walls of Avila. The nine gates in the wall show great signs that the holy go down barriers, mainly mental. The campaign will surround the wall until next 28 de marzo de 2015.