Written in: May 06, 2014

Avila is a modern city, contemporary and ground-breaker with a marked spirit for its history, art, mystic. A medieval city transformed in Heritage of the Humanity that has sheltered around the years the three cultures. His historical past has traced a present rich in culture, art, mystic, gastronomy and architecture.

The walls not only frame a rich artistic patrimony formed by temples, convents, palaces and houses. They structure and harbor the city that currently keeps the typical organization of the Roman cities and configures

Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada, Saint Teresa de Jesús, is the best exponent of this city, the city of mystic and spiritualty. The Teresian way through the walled city will go from the gothic to the renaissance, from the mannerism to the baroque through the life and work of the most universal saint.


Ciudad de Avila. Lawrence OP