Written in: May 06, 2014

The gastronomy of Avila is represented by a big variety of products due to the geographic and climatic diversity. The city has been completing its gastronomic offer in the last years, currently you can find establishments where taste foods of the most rooted tradition with the most innovatives formules of international autor cuisine.

The Avila menu par excellence would start with the beans of El Barco, before make way to the large steak of beef and to end some Yolks of Saint Teresa as a desert. A representative menu based on the agricultural and cattle products of the region, that are multiple and varied.

One of the most rooted habits in the walled city is the "tapeo". All the consumitions are accompanied of a bite, a miniature portion of the gastronomical classics. All around the city you can enjoy exquisite foods in a reduced version.

The tradition from Castille is conserved with the ail or Castilian soups that have an special flavour because they are seasoned with the paprika of Candeleda; the loin or the chorizo from the pot, products of pig slaughter previously fried that are kept tinned in their own oil. As well as the piglet in little slices, the "cuchifrito".

Avila is a city of interior but thanks to its Catholic tradition the gastronomy counts with a big variety of fish recipes, the protagonists are bacalao and trout.

The most known sweets are the famous yolks of Saint Teresa that are not the only ones: mantecados, amarguillos, empiñonados, French toasts, and perrunillas complete the sweet's menu of the pastries of the city.