Path of Light in Croatia

Path of Light in Croatia

Written in: Sea 02, 2015

Thursday, 17-3-2015

– Arrival of the team with the team directly to Póžega

– Vigil with the Relics

– Program eventually along the whole night.

Wednesday, 18-3-2015

08.00 Eucharist in the morning and farewell to the Relics

11.00 Welcome to the cane in Zagreb (Remete: convent of the Discalced Carmelites) and pilgrimage to Marija Bistrica (to the train station of Zagreb walking /1h17 min, 6.7 km./, by train to Zlatar Bistrica + walking to Marija Bistrica/ 1h 15 my, 6.2 km/ arriving around 15.30 (the Relic of the Foot is transported directly from Póžega to Marija Bistrica in the monastery of the Discalced Carmelites by car for veneration and praying preparation for the reception of the cane).

12.15 News conference

12.25 Pilgrimage begins to Čret (Chapel S. Teresa)

15.30- 20.00 - Act with the Relics organized by the nuns of Marija Bistrica.

15.45 – story about the cane

16.00 – Vespers in honor of S. Joseph

16.45-17.45 – "Relationship between S. Teresa and S. Joseph "- lecture (F. John)

intermezzo musical

testimonies of the "Path of Light" team

18.15 – s reading of texts. Teresa and tracks

19.00 – Eucharist (presiding Bishop. Zlatko Koren, pastor en María Bistrica)

20.00 – output Hrvatski Leskovac (53 km, around 1 hour)

21.00 - Reception of the Relics in Hrvatski Leskovac (convent of the Sister Carmelites of the Divine Heart of Jesus/DCI/) and program of vigil with the youth, organized by the Sisters).

Tuesday, 19-3-2015

Festivity of Saint Joseph, patron of the convent in Hrvatski Leskovac

Program of morning and afternoon organized by the Carmelites DCI (the Relic of the Foot can be transported in the afternoon to the Carmel of Brézovica (Nuns OCD) by car /6.4 km – 10 min/ to be venerated and as a praying preparation for the reception of the cane

18.00 Holy solemn Mass in the Carmel of Brézovica

19.30 The procession starts with the cane from Hrvatski Leskovac to Brézovica (5,7km- 1h15 min)

20.00 Program organized by the Nuns of Brézovica

Friday, 20-3-2015

– Morning, act organized by the Nuns of Brézovica

9.00 "Faith in the life of S. Teresa "? Talk P. Iván

Rosario with the texts of the Holy

11.00 Eucharist

Transport of the Relics to the cathedral of Zagreb at 15.30 (distance around 20 km, around 45 my)

16.00 Procession from the cathedral to Remete (convent friars OCD)

18.30 Holy solemn Mass.

– 19.45 - Testimonies team

play, directed by Jasna Jukić (former director of Theatre Dubrovnik)

Procession around the church

Veneration of Relics

Common Eucharistic adoration (half an hour)

22.00 Nocturne vigil with the lectio continua of the works of the Saint.

Saturday, 21-3-2015

– Exit