Camino de Luz in USA

Camino de Luz in USA

Written in: Jan 16, 2015

San Antonio, Texas

Tuesday, 27 November

16 hours: Welcome at the Airport San Antonio

18 hours: Check Cane Santa Teresa

19 hours: Prayer vigil in honor of Saint Teresa of Jesus in the Basilica of San Antonio.

Friday, 28 November

8 hours: Mass and visit Cane Santa Teresa Monastery of the Discalced Carmelites in San Antonio.

10 hours: Procession of the Holy cane wandering from the Convent of San Damiano (Kentucky Ave. & N Hamilton) the basilica.

11 hours: Arrival at the Basilica of San Antonio and welcome ceremony.

12 hours: Mass in the Basilica

13:30 to 16 hours: Visitation.

16 hours: Holy Hour for Vocations Vespers

17-18 hours: Sacrament of Reconciliation.

18 hours: Votive Mass for Santa Teresa

19:30: Reception and Closing Ceremony

California, Los Angeles

Saturday, 29 November

12 hours: Mass in honor of St. Teresa of Jesus, followed by the Veneration of the original cane Santa Teresa, lunch in the Parish Hall ( RSVP is requested in the Parish Offices in Alhambra phone: (626 ) 282-2744, ext 223, before 16 November.

19:30 hours: Concert compositions Tomás Luis de Victoria de Ávila. The concert will be followed by a vigil service and a conference entitled, El Camino Real: The Inner Journey of St. Teresa of Jesus for us today.

Sunday, 30 November

Veneration Cane Santa Teresa de Jesus will be held in each of the Masses on Sundays (7:30 am , of 9:00 am to 11:00 am, 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm ), and before and after meditation guided, as follows:

Times Staff Veneration of St. Teresa of Jesus on Sunday, 30 November * 6:45-19:30 * 8:30-09 a.m. * 10:15-11:00 * 24:15 am -1:00 pm * 2:30-17:00* 6:15-19:00 * 7:45-21:00 ( Times are approximate , depending on the length of the Masses )


Monday, 1 December

06:00 and 08 a.m. Scheduled Masses, then the day will be devoted to the veneration of the Staff of St. Teresa of Jesus, Our Mother.

19:30: Conference "Teresian Carmelites : The Journey to Renewal "

San Francisco

4.30 PM arrival at Monaterio Carmel of Christ the King (Convent of Cloistered Nuns) in San Francisco

– Private veneration of the sisters at the close

7 PRESENTATION PM Mass for the sisters and brothers of the Order (

9 PM Arrival at the Monastery of San José

12 PM Mass in honor of St. Teresa and reflection on the importance of his testimony today.

Visit to Santa Clara Carmelo

Visit the City of Carmel