What is the Path of Light

Written in: Jan 13, 2015

Saint Teresa de Jesús has been popularly known as “the curious and restless nun”. During all her life, she walked all over Spain creating convents of the Discalced Carmel Order.
The idea of life as a path, as a pilgrimage, even as a “mission", is therefore intimately related to her life and her memory. Therefore, her spirit, restless, entrepreneurial, creative and of searching of faith and truth, has been extended all over the world. In the five continents, the vocations that had surged keep alive the flame lighten by Santa Teresa and that keeps passing on more citizens of the world each year. The Saint keeps walking and enticing a big number of searchers of the highest values in every culture through the walking of her friend in the five continents.
Path of Light wants to be a recognition and an homage to this particular way of life by Saint Teresa, and at the same time, it is a way to begin in a symbolic way the centenary itself. It is about uniting people from different races and culture, because it as an invitation to participate to everybody that wants to live this experience, and highlight in this way the universal spirit both of Teresa and of the V Centenary that we celebrate.
It is about making a pilgrimage that will start in Avila the 15 October 2014 (festivity of the Saint) and will go through the world by Teresian places in the five continents (Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania), including active missions, until getting to Avila the 28 de marzo de 2015, date and place of her birth and, thus, the day of the V Centenary of the Birth of Saint Teresa.
All the way will be accompanied with a sign- relic very meaningful: the walking cane of Saint Teresa as an invitation to keep walking with her.
Four persons compose the team:

  1. A friar of the Discalced Carmelite Order, appropriately prepared both in the history of Teresianism as in the Teresian doctrine, and expert in the languages of the countries where the pilgrimage will be going by.
  2. A journalist with a professional profile specialized in the use of social networks, photography, blogs, with spiritual curiosity and religious sensibility; who speaks French and English.
  3. A producer/ camera operator with experience in recording trips.
  4. A doctor that accompany the rest of the team for the situations of emergency that can happen.

The goals pretended with this pilgrimage are different:

  1. Unite in a pilgrimage cultures and ways under the figure of Saint Teresa de Jesús, paying tribute to her. And storing a unique document via texts, interviews, pictures and videos.
  2. Giving a previous presence in the media to the acts of the V Centenary and show how the work of Santa Teresa is expanding unstoppably through the 5 continents.
  3. Exposition of photographs of Path of Light. Collect the best pictures of the pilgrimage. Obtaining a unique photographic background of the family and friends of Saint Teresa in the 5 continents.
  4. Realization of a documentary that makes closer to us the figure of Saint Teresa de Jesús and the Discalced Carmel Order through this path.