Written in: Jan 30, 2015

Camino Luz Madagascar

By Amaya Álvarez.

My first impression upon arriving in Madagascar is that it is a mixture almost equally between what I know Africa, Indonesia and India. Both the physiognomy of the people as the movement in the city, Clothes… Everything gives me the feeling of “mixture”, but really it generates is something very unique and own.

Our visit was intense. From the moment we arrived, and off the plane, on the runway we were greeted 2 Carmelite friars and were taken to a room where we waited presidential Vice President XXX that greeted us on behalf of President, Mayor, the Assistant Honorary Consul of Spain ... and many authorities, mode thereof nuns, and lay Carmelite friars who accompany us at all times during our visit.

From there after an emotional reception full of gratitude we went to the church of Santa Teresa where thousands of people were waiting for us, this was so in each and every one of the celebrations. Every day we visited several communities and, in all, emphasized the joy and appreciation for our arrival and the influx of parishioners. Every night there were prayer vigils, visited schools and met with surprise witness the opening of an exhibition about Santa Teresa and Carmel in Madagascar.

We learned a lot in a short time, about history in Madagascar and Order.

Madagascar is a country struggling to find their way toward the development. Between rice fields and markets, with rather aging infrastructure a country that is in constant motion is perceived. I guess there has moved that concern the Carmelites, that only around the capital, Antananarivo, have many missions, schools, sisters care home for people with special needs ... a great effort is perceived by engaging in a society with many needs. And the response from that company not long in coming and thousands of people have participated arrival Path of Light.

Another thing I would emphasize is how they wanted to convey his deep appreciation. Nowhere missed a speech in which we can not mention the effort and agradeciese, We could not leave any community or church without a little souvenir, without detail. It was a real bath of affection and emotion for our work.

I've done nothing but repeat, and what I write here again that, it is the other, that gratitude is our, that we who feel blessed with a hard work but incredibly rewarding. Be able to share this pilgrimage and to bring communities worldwide the Staff of Santa Teresa is an honor, a place, a grace and we who are grateful for the opportunity. And we also most grateful for the welcome we received at each location.

Therefore, from here, convey a little of this we received from many people that make it possible and have worked hard to make this pilgrimage a reality. All that gratitude we receive is shared.

A big hello to all who make it possible Camino de Luz, those who share this path and we receive all the love and those whose countries or communities have not been able to visit but share with us through this website and their prayers this pilgrimage.