Concepción Miguélez: “Every pilgrimage has to go through Alba de Tormes”.

Concepción Miguélez: “Every pilgrimage has to go through Alba de Tormes”.

Written in: Nov 03, 2014


Concepción Miguélez mayor of Alba de Tormes gives us the keys to the V Centenario in the ducal town.

Why follow in the footsteps of St. Teresa of Jesus?

While Santa Teresa de Jesus died on a 4 October 1582 in the Convent of the Annunciation in Alba de Tormes, which had previously been founded by her 1571, It is an exceptional woman present in our XXI century.
With charisma, renewing, universal mystical, patroness, writer, Saint Teresa of Jesus is historical reference woman. And it is all so today, million people we follow the concepcion miguelez of which he was named a Doctor of the Church.

What is the legacy of Santa Teresa in your area?
Alba de Tormes is four centuries Teresian holy place par excellence. His tomb and relics, cell death are the spiritual heart where many devotees look, fans and readers of Teresa of Jesus.
Every pilgrimage that boasts of Teresian, necessarily have to go through Alba de Tormes.
The streets and corners of Alba de Tormes remember the steps from Santa by the Villa where he founded his eighth convent, The Annunciation; who later would become his place of death and whose altarpiece rests his Sepulchre.
Currently, pilgrims visiting the Teresian villa and monuments can discover his relationship Santa Teresa de Jesus with each of them and discover the rich legacy Teresian available to Alba de Tormes.

What should we visit within the footprints path Teresa?
A walk with Teresa of Jesus by Alba de Tormes begins Monastery and Church of the Discalced Carmelites where the tomb of Santa Teresa where you can worship near the tomb of the Holy is. This place is the spiritual heart of Alba de Tormes and the main goal of the visit and pilgrimage.
Albense continues the path in the first temple dedicated to the saint writer and mystic John of the Cross with his typical style Carmelite Church.
The tour should visit the Carmelite Museum "Teresa of Jesus in Alba", currently the largest exhibition space dedicated to Saint Teresa of Jesus.
The tour includes a tour of the Basilica started to build in 1898 in the Gothic style and statue of St. Teresa of Salamanca sculptor Venancio White.
With the visit to the parish of St. Peter the Apostle from where it was in procession the Eucharist to the new Carmelite convent, you reach the Castle of the Dukes of Alba's title to the House of Alba, Family benefactor of St Teresa who promoted the permanence of his body in the village albense.
The church and convent of the Mother of God, Isabeles nuns was the place where Teresa of Jesus stayed and signed the foundational writings of the convent of the Annunciation.
Continue along the Benedictine Monastery of Santa Maria de las Dueñas to finish at the Monastery of Saint Leonard who belonged Fray Diego de Yepes, second confessor and biographer of St. Teresa.

Have organized guided tours for pilgrims?
"A walk with Teresa of Jesus by Alba de Tormes" winds through the village that are linked to St. Teresa of Jesus, legacy of his many travels and stays in the town where he founded the convent of the Annunciation and where lies the Tomb.
Pilgrims can make the route individually or through the tourist office offers groups of pilgrims, the possibility of realizing travel accompanied by an informant.

How many credentials have been sealed and?
Delivered: 600 credentials.
Signed from other foundations: 200 credentials

The pilgrims are national or international? What provisions have the number of visitors?
Attracted by knowing the Teresian grave, Pilgrims come from all over the world with significant growth forecast throughout the year commemorating the V Centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus.
The Spanish pilgrims addition salmantinos and castellanoleoneses, mainly from Andalusia, Madrid and Galicia.
Internationally pilgrims arrive from France and Portugal as neighboring countries and the United States and Japan as places associated with the Carmelite Order.

What do you expect the V Centenary of St. Teresa of Jesus?
Since 1571 they founded the Convent of the Annunciation and the 4 October 1582 who died in the Villa, a perpetual bond between Saint Teresa of Avila and Alba de Tormes was established.
In celebration of the 500 anniversary of his birth, Alba de Tormes wants to bring to all pilgrims, the figure of St. Teresa of Jesus through the legacy left in his final resting place (Death and burial) in order to know more and better the life story of this remarkable woman.