Concha Velasco will play Santa Teresa by the V Centenario

Concha Velasco will play Santa Teresa by the V Centenario

Written in: Sea 20, 2015

Santa Teresa.Concha VelascoConcha Velasco construed scenarios to Santa Teresa, a monologue that currently prepares Paco Bezerra, Prize Calderon de la Barca in 2007, awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Spain, for novice playwrights and National Book Award in the category of Dramatic Literature 2009.

It is expected to be led by the director Josefina Molina. Concha Velasco and played Santa in the popular television series 1984, Josefina Molina who also directed and which will be displayed again on TV during Holy Week.

Once it to agree with the director and the producer's work could be performed during the months of July and August this year which is when the actress would be available.

When she was 75 years, Concha Velasco feels "great" to continue doing theater, it is his "passion and life" and stressed that, for her, represent this "super" monologue Teresa of Jesus would "restore the character from outside, from the point of view of actress, because I do not want to repeat anything I've done ".

For the Discalced Carmelite Order interpreting Concha Velasco in the role of St. Teresa of Jesus was masterful and, today, remains envisioned worldwide as an audiovisual document quality over the life of the Holy.