From San Antonio to Los Angeles: the value of people

From San Antonio to Los Angeles: the value of people

Written in: Dec 15, 2014

L.A.-St.-Therese-Parish-Alhambra_029-1024x682By Amaya Álvarez.

First big scare, we have been in our trip for month and a half, and until now we didn’t had any real big obstacle, practically not even delays in flight, many races, but always with the best possible outcome, so much so that he had entrusted me.

Today we arrived at the airport with time to spare, for this, we had to get up at 4:30 in the morning and be on the way to 5:00. This data is mostly just to give an idea of ​​what we were sleepy and absent. After check in, security check, we sat at the gate each in his music, his book or distraction that was, I insist, are not hours of being talkative. When embarking say over the loudspeaker that due to a security check we will have a delay, I think the first and still immersed in my book. As they pass the minutes, me a bit uneasy, the plane is in the finger in a while ... weird, feed. But when the solutions are not within your reach, the best recipe is patience. I kept reading. That was when we were informed that, for security, the flight is canceled. A second later the room had become a riot of passengers, boarding pass in hand, that swirled around the gate and the two assistants who can not cope. Luckily, within the incoherent row that we were, I was the second.

To all this, I have not told that we were in San Antonio ( Texas), a relatively small airport with many connections to Houston but not so much with the rest of the country. As might be expected, informs me that the next flight to Los Angeles is at 18:00, we can give a place smoothly, but would I have to answer quickly, since it would soon fill with other passengers. ¿18:00? That means getting there at 21:00! We have a reception and Mass at 12:00 noon ... Impossible!

He looks at me face who can not do much delay and if I lose my decision even that option.
Much of the reason I chose to me for this pilgrimage is my travel experience. I say no, I explain the situation, I ask you to call other companies. Who else flies to Los Angeles? I think at that time we connect, because he looked at me and my face must be pretty desperate. He started calling all companies, none had square, while on the other side of the counter was filling his companion flight of 6:00 pm with a passenger after another. I begin to doubt, but not, can not be, many people are waiting for us, many people have put all the enthusiasm in preparations for what was to be the largest celebration of Los Angeles. I look at the girl, whose name unfortunately I do not know, and I say, anywhere via, is still too early if we have to go to Alaska and back. What flights are departing from this airport now? The girl begins typing and looking at the screen like crazy, looks up and our backs a flight to Houston is embarking. I see totally concentrated type breakneck speed. ¿The matter separaros? I have space for only one. With just one, is not ideal but one is enough, someone to carry the baton. The girl leaves the desk, catch me by the arm and leads me to the gate of the flight from Houston, but his own partner says no, it is impossible, the flight is taking off in closed 10 minutes and also have a living carrying people canceled flight and would become a revolt.

Frustrated return to our counter and my friend continues typing at full speed, looks at me and tells me he is frustrated, I say with heart in hand do not worry, I value much everything you are doing and that the mere fact of trying for me meant a lot. He looked, he came out from behind his counter, I took her arm and led me to the front door to the flight to Houston, there was no longer any passenger, all were inside the plane. In front of his companion he held a computer and started typing like crazy. A second later printed two boarding passes, one for Houston and one for the Angels, He held me and told me visibly moved. Luck!

I looked puzzled, when gratitude is so great that every word you have left small, I muttered thanks, and told me, smiling, as one who understands the whole situation: "Run, I’ll take care of your mates".

I came to Los Angeles, delayed one hour Mass, but everyone waited and arrived on time. And it was a beautiful ceremony but, as usual, what made the difference were the people, that despite being weekday and morning, had the full Church. Many had come from afar, I met a girl who had flown there. The nuns of Alhambra had obtained special permission to attend, everyone told me, this is something big, in 12 my years in this parish had never left.

And I kept thinking about the girl you do not know the name that despite knowing the importance that some people had any of us flew, made possible and the impossible.
And this whole story makes me think several things, The first is that, first, I felt that somehow I've been to rise to the occasion, when things got difficult not desperate. That made me feel good.
The second thing is that, when your will you do something good for someone, a favor, something that may cost you more or less work but that is in your hand, you never know how that extends please, how many people reached, maybe just a, that would be enough, but perhaps many. Solidarity and altruism, ultimately, is nothing but love your neighbor. It is gratifying to witness such situations but, be part, be the recipient and to transfer it to others, made me feel very fortunate, more if possible.

What I take from this trip ... there are many people, very good and supportive, many but rarely publicly stand. They just make life better for people silently, I think back to the missions and Sucumbios, I think back to the nuns worldwide. And give me so eager to continue the journey to see what else holds me.

If one looks at the good things, it is there. Sometimes, it doesn’t highlight between all that negative news. But, on the right, on the left, if you look, someone is always working to improve the lives of others. My deepest respect and gratitude to those people and that unknown which does not know the name, San Antonio, Texas. Thanks for getting me on that plane and for inspiring this blog.