Behind the voice is the heart

Behind the voice is the heart

Written in: Nov 05, 2014

uruguay-camino-de-luz-1By Amaya Álvarez. Sometimes, you can let yourself go for the sensation more than the own memories, we are in Buenos Aires and I am about to write here a little story about our visit to Uruguay. A small country but with great personality.

The first thing they noticed was that we were in a deeply secular country, however people who were part of Carmel were highly committed and you could count on them to the bitter end. I completely agree with these words, in a few days I could see how friars, nuns, novices, applicants and seculars formed a strong and united family, very close to each other. A big and strong family, no matter if it is more or less numerous in members. Its strength is noted.

Arriving at the monastery of Our Lady of Silence and Hope Carmelite mothers in the neighborhood of El Prado, several of the seculars that we had already met at the airport, offered themselves solicitous to help. In anything necessary or even take a walk. Arriving in the room, not only everything was neatly fixed, but they also put details in the table with our names, souvenirs and welcome flowers. I am very touched when some gives so much attention to the details. The Mother Superior, Isabel de la Cruz, long before arriving had already shown how special and wonderful her character was. Since the beginning of the preparation of Path of Light with all the determination of the world and all the humility, also, she insisted to all the possible instances to make sure we will visit her monastery. An example, mother Isabel, that gave us the more thoughtful welcome one can imagine.

Nevertheless, out of the country, I close my eyes and remember to evoke stories to tell here and melodies come to mind. Incredibly sweet voices and songs that have penetrated me deep. The sisters Edith Stein Monastery and St. Therese of Florida, have an overwhelming chorus. Not many sisters who sing, but again have the strength of a regiment.
At novices, very close, Father Matias, with Pancho, one of the novices who are preparing there, delighted us with beautiful guitar in hand versions of Teresian songs. It is the most vivid memory in my mind, the most endearing.

Uruguay are beautiful voices, small details that speak very much, and people worth everything.
They seem few and achieve the result of many. That can only be achieved by engaging at all, putting all the talent, work and dedication in the service of Mr..
In this regard, Uruguay has been an inspiration. The synthesis of love is power and unity is strength.

Again, and again. Thanks!