Day 108

Day 108

Written in: Feb 09, 2015

Amaya Alvarez Camino de Luz

By Amaya Álvarez.

Today marks 108 days since we started the way and I guess, if I told, is that today I feel a degree of nostalgia. We are in Burkina Faso, in the capital with the most exotic and unpronounceable name you can imagine, Ouagadougou. And I'm tired, my back hurts, Roads, generally terrible, and traffic jams are making a dent. The heat also has us a bit low energy, I communicate with my family makes me hard with these distances and these connections. The less I get more I want. But essentially I think it's the accumulation of fatigue, There are many days. However I am very good spirits. It is a rare and ambiguous feeling. I am very happy. Tired and happy.

I do not know why, today, day 108 I balance, while we spent the road Ecuador, we are not changing continent, we are not in any turning point, but for me today was a bit of a day of reflection.

Today I could not help but remember a girl named Teresa for being born the same day as St. Teresa of Avila. We were in Altagracia, Argentina and veneration was over and we were in the parlor sharing the last minute with the nuns, when a gentleman asked us permission to enter, They had not arrived in time for the veneration and I was excited that her granddaughter Teresa could see the relic, There was also born on the same day that the Holy, I do not remember now if he had 8 or 9 years, maybe 10, but it was a beautiful girl with soulful eyes and sweet. It also came his little brother and found it perfect to share this moment with us, so grandfather and grandchildren went to the parlor. We gave them some biscuits and Teresa looked all shy and curious, I gave a holy and hugged me. And it was a very real hug, when it passed the usual time for a hug, the girl did not lifted off me and continued hugging long time, I surrendered to his arms and hugged her with all my heart all the time that was necessary. That was a long time. After he gave me a shy smile as all of it and went, to go grandfather turned and whispered by way of explanation that he had recently lost his mother. I can't forget Teresa and her embrace. I can not help thinking that this path is setting many people with certain unusually intense moments, my first. Another thing that came to mind today is the many times we have been told that following the arrival of the relic, different communities, even other orders and congregations, diocesan also participated in the preparation and celebration and that it had joined them. This visit was the perfect excuse, the perfect place to start a dialogue with people with whom he had not been so prevalent bridge before. The other day a journalist I wondered how the presence of Santa Teresa showed in this pilgrimage, I replied with anecdotes but, in reality, I think these paths to the other are his personal stamp on this.

I think those magical and special moments, as that hug, are occurring for many people along this path. I think many people will remember for life, lot. And I think a lot of the dialogue initiated following our step will continue bearing fruits beautiful and unexpected. And I think that gives you all the way to what we do.

Many times they ask us, how do you bear it? I have followed this rhythm for 4 days and I can only. Well ... we endure because what we do is strangely necessary. Because we feel we do not see, links born around us, was self, towards others and towards God.

So today 108 where I balance, I smile and say this is wonderful, if I have to confess that today I count the minutes left to get to bed.

Tomorrow more! Let’s enjoy the next 56 days.