Day of the Holy Family

Day of the Holy Family

Written in: Dec 28, 2014

sagrada familia santa teresaSagrada familia santa teresa de jesus

Today we join the celebration of the Holy Family with the prayerful reading of the Gospel in Teresian key (Lucas 2,22-40):

"Your, Mr., come to an inn so mean as mine. Ye blessed forever " (Saint Teresa, Life 22,16).

A man named Simeon ... waiting for the Consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit dwelling in him. The interior prayer helps us discover in ourselves the presence of the Holy Spirit. In some mysterious way, hidden, the Spirit was giving birth hopes of consolation for mankind. Simeon lived well: waiting a Presence; his silence was inhabited by the deep desire to put the Spirit. The most beautiful thing we have in and there you seek to live in the truth. This was, also, the great discovery that left astonished Teresa of Jesus: in the interior there is a deep desire, that the Spirit gives us free. "Oh my Lord!, how good you are. Ye blessed forever ... My Lord, dais as who you are. ¡Oh largueza infinite, how magnificent are your works!" (The 18,3).

He had received an oracle of the Holy Spirit: that he would not die before seeing the Messiah of the Lord. The interior prayer is the occasion for the Spirit to contact us. "Yours (this is) one ticket collection or written with so much love, and so you want to understand not only that letter and that she asks you " (7M 3,9).Simeon knew how to listen to the Spirit; its interior was open to receive the gifts of those who "never tires of giving" (The 19,15). Simeon we can make this Teresian praise: "Blessed is the soul that brings the Lord to understand truths" (The 21,1). The greater truth is to see Jesus. This is the claim of the Spirit: our eyes see Jesus, we meet Him.

Driven by the Holy Spirit into the temple. We look Simeon, driven by the Spirit. We look to the Church, strengthened by the breath of the Spirit. How strong are your gifts! Teresa felt her strength inside and proclaimed amazed: "Oh greatness of God and how you show your power to give audacity an ant!" (F 2,7). In the interior prayer we hear the voice of the Spirit, how we feel pushed for us to go to Jesus, enkindle in us the true love to love Love. "Why road, why in ways, why we still love you show " (Concepts 3,14). In the presence of Mary and Joseph want to live to air the Spirit, with eyes fixed on Jesus: "From a soul that is already determined to love and left in your hands, do not want anything but obey. Your, My Lord, that you take care of guiding where most take " (F 5,6).

When his parents brought in the child Jesus ... he took it in his arms and blessed God: 'My eyes have seen your salvation'. Simeon took the Child in her arms, How tenderly!, he let the flesh of Jesus touched their hope, What joy! He leapt to Joseph and Mary, those who love Jesus as He deserves, those who know the goodness that has appeared on earth, those listening in amazement everything that is said of the Child, which are increasingly Jesus. The Spirit opened his eyes to see the Savior. Jesus is our light. We pray with Teresa: "For behold, Mr., that mine are blind ... Give me light Vos " (C 15,5), that "all the damage comes from not having eyes Vos" (C 16,11). With Teresa of Jesus confess our faith and our love: "In seeing you be me, I've seen all good " (The 22,6).