The heat of the Carmel

The heat of the Carmel

Written in: Oct 30, 2014

blog-5-camino-de-luz-1024x682We just left from Brazil and the reception in Asunción, Paraguay, has been exceptional. They gave us some hats and some typical "fans" to protect us from the heat: we understood as we left the airport terminal. The thermometer doesn’t go down of 30º, not even in the nights, and rubs the 40º most of the day. Nevertheless, there is always someone around with a good cooler Tereré, a typical infusion from here, like matte, but frozen.

The biggest surprise is the wonderful people, sweet, hospitalary. Also the young population in general and specifically Carmelite. The group of applicants, very young, very numerous and active, prepared a vigil where they mingled music, dance, theater, ballet and poetry. After mass we could, together with a large group of faithful, enjoy a show full of heart and talent. Then dine in community with everyone who stayed, the friars, secular and young postulants. A huge party with many samples of Paraguayan cuisine, and Tereré, a lot of Tereré.

The passion with which applicants and applicants are living its proximity to the Discalced Carmelites is very inspiring, and the truth is that I begin to understand. They return again and again to the concept of brotherhood, also of intimacy with God, and especially to be in the place where they belong.

Each one in life sometimes doesn’t know what his place is, at least in my case it was so nearly always, and doubts. Am I doing it well? Bad? Is this my way? The common note in everyone we meet is the clarity and certainty of being where they should. Not without difficulty, but with certainty that help them overcome.

It is true that I am not telling much about the places we passed. I am not expecting a lot of adventures airports, highways and roads, that no, and many. But this is a clear reason: these experiences pale in comparison with people. They are what is giving true richness and color to this pilgrimage.

But I will make an effort in coming days, I promise, to tell more adventures and be a little less sentimental, I do not know if I'll do it.

From here again and again thanks to the friars and provincial, nuns and laity, for hosting the way they do. That is the real heat we feel, not the one in the thermometer.

Amaya Alvarez