The path of music

The path of music

Written in: Feb 02, 2015

Camino Luz Madagascar

By Amaya Álvarez.

We have flown to the west of Africa and landed in Ivory Coast, and the first thing that strikes me is the feeling of being in a space less altered by human hands than in countries we've visited before. The city is large and yet to be surrounded by the sea, marsh and forest gives the feeling of being locked in a still unspoiled natural environment. But the truth is that our visit was brief. I have not seen much, It's just a feeling.

The African side of this pilgrimage is looking amazing me, amazing chorus of dozens of people with lots of drums each with its particular name I, of course, I do not know. It has happened in several of the masses that there are two or more choirs, one for the more lyrical and like what I'm used to hear religious songs and other more local dyes, African rhythms and songs the whole church sings in unison while dancing. Pure rhythm. Music is an essential part of the liturgy.

The general joy and cheers during Masses seem fascinating. That overwhelming naturalness of each person. However highways, exceptions, They are terrible and jams can be eternal. Getting from one place to another can become an ordeal and we do not stop moving.

Joy helps a lot around these little difficulties in transport, and here needless search, is everywhere, since one leaves the room for breakfast, until the last person giving the goodnight. There are many ways to feel welcome, much details, from hand drawn cards with our names on the guest, to the wonderful meals we often wait. But there is a very direct and simple way to feel welcome and when one perceives the true joy in the eyes and words of people and this leads happening to us from the beginning. But here as people express themselves in such a direct way ... one can not help you get to the core.

The last celebration, a talk in the parish of Gonzagueville, a suburb of Abidjan, has left me an unforgettable taste. Hundreds of people with candles, children present everywhere, the multitude of colors and hairstyles, and new music. At the end of veneration, after several very emotional hours choir members were sweating profusely and visibly tired. At the end and all, and people start to get out of the church and go, They were singing the song would be the last, but still there was energy in the environment, a force that was impossible not to perceive. When he finished the song and the choir director got off the court, continued singing, extempore but even harder, people walking away and turned around and everyone started singing, the choir began to mingle with people, all danced and the same song was repeated for several minutes without anyone cease to dance or sing. Had already taken the relic but the people refused to leave. And those minutes total delivery and expression of happiness. That way to celebrate, to join in an event which became one voice and almost say that one body. Everyone was one. Except I, I was recording with the camera and that's what kept me out of that moment. Yes, anyone who knows me knows, I would have given anything for get in the middle of the hullabaloo dancing I also. Although only witness and was a wonderful experience.

We continue traveling this overwhelming continent.

And thanks for the opportunity to do it.