The center and half

The center and half

Written in: Nov 28, 2014


By Amaya Álvarez.

Getting to Quito in Ecuador, if you come from the airport, means saving mountains and valleys that you are revealing the city from natural viewpoints. Is extensive, surrounded by volcanoes. Despite arriving from Medellin, very close and whose topography is similar, gives the feeling of reaching a place very different. From afar, Quito exudes an own personality.

The historic center, colonial, very well maintained and full of life makes you quickly understand why this is cultural heritage of humanity. And conscious people embrace their culture and proudly displays. Quito gives you a feeling I can not explain Trip. You feel like you're in a place where you can learn a lot. That is different and has much to give.

And really, that first intuition was not wrong, since the program was purely cultural, with interesting lectures I linking Quito to Santa Teresa, through their brothers Lorenzo and Joaquín, We could understand the importance of this former colony in the life of the Saint and in Carmel. This deserves its own chapter as it is extensive and I would not be wrong to cut the words of famous historians.

We visited the sisters of Carmen Alto with all its artistic heritage have led to one of the reference museums in the city with incredible value pieces. Equally memorable Monasterio del Carmen Bajo, we also had the opportunity to see.

More surprises waiting for us in this city, hosting the president of the nation D. Rafael Correa, who was interested in our trip and the relic, He told us that he has very fond of the Discalced Carmelites in Ecuador, valuing the work of many years in this country.

And at nightfall we could live a procession through the city center nutridísimo enlivened by a group of dancers and entertainers, Also children, musicians, actors ... The downtown is dyed the color of the costumes, and candles covered by cellophane, shining giving all kinds of hues to the faces. All those attending the Mass followed us, but the group got bigger and bigger with all those curious we passed on the street. Upon reaching Piazza San Francisco we were several hundred. The music and dancing continued cheerful before our eyes All this in one day? Yup! Very difficult to condense into words everything that gave us the city.

But there was a visit we all expected, Middle of the World. That place where we are at the point 0º0'00 "the planet. And I want to emphasize two things, the first, as in Ecuador resemble localization in the soul, a beautiful simile in which half the world from there to get to the center of the soul. Another thing that impressed me this visit is that there is a monument in the center of the world and a line that draws the Ecuador on the floor, You can step on each foot one hemisphere, and it's fun to jump from one place to another. It is a game in which all fall, but what I really found striking was the sun, that given moment was at one point so clearly above our heads, as vertical hardly had shade. And suddenly, far beyond the monuments or paths, resort around us I felt in the heart of the earth aligned with the sun. It was a nice end to a great visit. We still had much to do in Ecuador, Sucumbíos, in fact, but I’ll leave that for another post.