“The team keeps integer”. Talking to Cristina, the doctor of the Path of Light

“The team keeps integer”. Talking to Cristina, the doctor of the Path of Light

Written in: Feb 18, 2015

Cristina Marcos is the doctor of the team of Path of Light, and watches that nobody falls ill in this pilgrimage that has gone over so far by Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, United States, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Burkina, Togo and Lebanon. Freshly finished the African tour, Father Julio Almansa, that has accompanied the cane of Saint Teresa around the Francophone Africa, has made her this interview we invite you to read:

Cristina marcos camino de luz

Cristina, could you explain us how was the start of this adventure of Path of Light?

There were some very intense days, of many calls, questions, doubts, clarifications. There was a mix between joy and illusion for starting the path with the concerns, the appointments for the vaccinations of the team, the paperwork, the visas…. There were days of many talks with friends, families, mates of profession. The date was getting near, and all the concerns faded away, and just remained the joy for starting.

After “umpteen” hundred kilometers, it is almost incredible that the team is still integer. Can you tell us a little bit, how do you made it?

The credit is not only mine, it is a daily work of everybody: “is better to prevent…”. Been aware of so many sunrises in one country, and dawns in others, we’ve tried to be constants in one basic part of the medicine: the prevention. To take care of health and avoid that way to be ill. It has been a sacrifice of the whole team: having to reject the fresh juice against the randy water of the backpack, losing some minutes every day to hang the mosquito net in impossible places, boiling at 40 degrees with long sleeve… And if you forget our continuous bags under the eyes, you can say that yes, we are still good, our efforts have been worthwhile.

What would you share with the people that is following us?

I would share everything they have shared with me. It has left me a possum of all the people we have met and that have accompanied us. It has surprised me greatly the strong link you can create with other person in such little time, and spiritually, I think this has made me to grow as a human being. I wish from my heart that this path has been useful to be aware that it doesn’t matter the place of the world, there are many more things that unite us than those that split us.