The Pope Francis receives Camino de Luz in Rome

The Pope Francis receives Camino de Luz in Rome

Written in: Sea 12, 2015

Papa 2The Pope Francis received this morning in the Vatican team Path of Light, the pilgrimage from the 15 October brings the original cane Santa Teresa 30 countries 5 continents, occasion of the V Centenary of the birth of the Holy.

His Holiness has spiritual vigor and tireless ministry of the Holy as “example for young, patients and spouses” and has held and kissed the relic Cane.

“During this month we remember the V centenary of the birth of St. Teresa Avila Jesus. That spiritual strength inspire you, dear young, to witness joyfully faith in your life; your trust in Christ the Savior will sustain you, dear sick, in moments of greatest suffering; and his tireless apostolate invite you, dear newlyweds, to put Christ at the center of your marital home”, It has been said Francisco.

The reception of Pope Francis has been a finale to the worldwide pilgrimage, precisely its European leg, the last before it gets to Spain 28 March. To date, Path of Light has come 28 countries on five continents. From April, Path of Light will begin its tour of the Teresian foundations and other landmarks of the Discalced Carmelites in Spain, until July.

To the Vicar General of the Order of Discalced Carmelites, Father Emilio José Martínez, "It is a moment of excitement for the whole Order of Discalced Carmelites ... this trip, that is physical and spiritual, It began as an adventure, and exceeded all our expectations ".

"This receiving a great admirer of Santa Teresa, as Pope Francisco, honors us and fills us with immense gratitude to the Holy Father. For us, It is a recognition of all the Carmelite Family, all the nuns, monks and lay people who work in more than 130 countries in the world to carry the message of Christ through the example of the holy universal Spanish ", ensures the Vicar General.

The videos and texts trip, unique personalities of the Discalced Carmelite Order and chronic told in first person by the crew interviews, they are still on the web Light Trail is a recognition and tribute to "the nun restless and wandering" who walked across Spain founding convents of the Discalced Carmelite Order. In total, Path of Light tour 117.000 kilometers 164 days.