The Pope Francis receive the 11 March to “Path of Light”

The Pope Francis receive the 11 March to “Path of Light”

Written in: Jan 28, 2015

Pope Francis

During presentation yesterday in Valladolid program activities Castilla y León for the V Centenary of St. Teresa of Jesus, the vicar general of the Order of Discalced Carmelites, Father Emilio José Martínez, announced that Pope Francisco receive the 11 March “special and particular way in the levee of the general audience” the pilgrimage team Path of Light, accompanying the relic of the Holy stick. In addition, as 28 Starts on March “a worldwide prayer for peace in Rome almost the exact solar time in which Teresa was born″.

These two gestures demonstrate to the Vicar General of the Holy Father “has been, is and will” with the fifth centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus, despite confirmation that finally not visit Spain in 2015, a decision which in its opinion “is already sufficiently explained”.

Explains the Father Emilio José Martínez: “Pope preferences are those that are, has chosen the peripheries and I think Teresa would have agreed with this approach, and must take into account the age of the Pope is what it is and chances are those that are”. He added: “All had placed high hopes and great expectations might believe in the possible visit of Pope, but one thing is clear: the centenary continues, the centenary was not the Pope's visit, and also the Pope has been, is and will be, and all this will witness the 11 and 28 March God willing”.

The priest recalled that the Pope has declared a jubilee year Teresian, and Teresa received a delegation at the Plaza de San Pedro. This is, so “Although not come to Spain remains with the centenary, because it specifies and clarifies who is aware of all initiatives and want to have a great spiritual benefit”.

Regarding the reception that the pontiff will the Camino pilgrimage light, a historical journey through the most significant places of the Discalced Carmelites worldwide through five continents, Carmel boost “a pilgrimage, especially people of Castilla y León, to accompany the Holy Father and to Teresa, you will see the Holy Father”.

Regarding the Pope's prayer 28 March, Martinez considered “a very special detail that the Pope will have with Spain and Castilla y León”, to accept the proposal of Carmel. “This global prayer for peace to begin the Pope then be extended to everyone. We are already in contact with some diocesan bishops in Spain and we will inform all the episcopal conferences of the world, to over 28 March, Birthday Santa Teresa, for one hour worldwide, including members of other religions and people of good will, they can join in an hour in silence, the Teresian style, praying for peace”, Father Emilio concluded.