The pleasure of admiring the little things

The pleasure of admiring the little things

Written in: Dec 22, 2014

IMG_3029-1024x682By Amaya Álvarez.

The organization of the passage of Camino de Luz in Taiwan was flawless, really care of every detail was taken and that made our experience was wonderful.

It was also the place where we received the largest number of journalists and Mass attended by more personalities, I want to take a minute to enumerate, and so thank you for your attendance here and our participation in this pilgrimage to the Original Cane Santa Teresa of Jesus:

Mr. Marcial Bobadilla Guillen, Ambassador of Paraguay; Mr. Alfredo Fuentes Martiz, Ambassador of Panama; Mr. Richard R.C. See & Ms. Sofia, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ms. Teresa Chang, wife of General Manager Europe at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Chu Shen-Tu, ambassador, and Mrs.; Mr. Francisco Hwang, ambassador, and Mrs.; Mr. Chien-Jen Chen, Vice President of the Academia Sinica, and Mrs.; Ms. Nieves Yi-Wen Chiang, Control Yuan member; Ms. Chiara Petro, Director Business in Italy; Ms. Angela Lin, Criminals Foundation; Mr. José Eugenio Borao Mateo, professor at NTU.

And also thank you for your presence and participation Bishop John Hung San Chuan, Archbishop of Taipei and President of the Episcopal Conference of Taiwan; Monsignor Paul Russell, charge of the affairs of the Vatican; Archbishop Peter Liu, Archiobispo de Kaohsiung (On Taiwan) and Archbishop Ti-Kang, Previous Archiobispo Taipei.

Of course, Borja Rengifo Llorens, Director General of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, for all their invaluable assistance to our passage through Taipei a success.

I think I can say, without fear, it was a celebration full of solemnity and feeling. A very beautiful tribute to our Holy Mother. With the church to overflowing, despite rain, a magnificent choir, an audiovisual presentation that hermanaba all languages ​​who gathered there. It was magnificent, and one can not stay more than amazed by the perfect organization and the respect and affection with which the entire ceremony was held.

Beautiful the time when, each mind when approaching the relic, He left a candle, they were soon hundreds and space of the immense church, all focused around Cane Santa Teresa. For me it was like a heart on, I grew as they approached more and more people. Room all lit candles, scattered throughout space, to join slowly around Santa Teresa. It was a beautiful symbol.

Nevertheless, I can not fail to mention those little things, that both excite me. My visit to Taiwan is marked by three exceptional women meet. Clara, Florence and Paula.

All as active, vital, educated, organized, humble and warm, that was really an inspiration and drive our way through the island.

The first, Clara, It was he who helped us organize everything from the beginning, and was invaluable with his willingness and Spanish perfect. Always attentive to our needs and always close to our backs like a guardian angel. Before I knew we needed something, Clara and thus appeared anticipating all. But especially his smile and his subtle way to ever be more, if not the opposite.

The second woman that marked me was Florence, taking the reins of our visit and together with the community of Notre Damme de Vie, they provided all the necessary infrastructure for our stay. From the beginning our correspondence was profuse, again, like Clara, extremely attentive to detail. And with such a current and modern mentality that surprised me to meet you discover a woman with gray hair. Again I understand that I have to cast my prejudices.

The third woman was Mother Paula, superior of the monastery of Shenkeng. The first of their joy and vitality, for supporting our arrival and welcome us with so much love and joy. There are two monasteries in Taipei, and were there less than 48 hours, not had time to visit both, Mother Paula decided that both monasteries would meet in one so that all the nuns could meet Mother in Fig Staff. Then explain to me with sparkling eyes that could not have been otherwise and that he was happy with this meeting. This octogenarian woman, have a look, a laugh and a prodigious memory that fascinate. But, specially, an awareness of the world that never ceases to amaze. More than 60 years opted for Consecrated Life, and possesses a wisdom, knowledge of others, social change ... not leave you indifferent. Sales from there full of questions. It forces you to grow.

I think I have already spoken of the concept of expanding the heart, It's something I've heard talk of many nuns and monks. How to start your career in the Carmelo barefoot feel like your heart widens to accommodate all the love that flows, and little by little I have come to understand, as they were advancing day, weeks and months on this pilgrimage. But it is not only the heart. The mind also widens, necessarily. You need a broader perspective, see beyond. This experience is overwhelming otherwise.

But back to our visit to the monastery of Shenkeng, I can not explain the reception, Hugs, questions about stories and places, laughter. I'm amazed this trip the number of moments of humor, without further ado.

And is that I can not help, duster is me everywhere. Thank you very much, infinitely all authorities who support us and allow him a broadcast to the path that would otherwise be impossible. I greatly appreciate the work they do and make time in their very complicated agendas for us. I love that they can get to know a little more to Santa Teresa. But ... if, here comes the but, who really love me are those women who in an act of generosity and love give their lives. Monks and nuns, but especially those women who exudes love and wisdom, and have now taken the form of Clara, Florence and Paula, but not afraid to generalize.

Fortunately, in Taiwan we enjoyed all, from a great reception, and mass celebrations, but also of those little more intimate and collected moments when you can look into the eyes of people. And I'm going for it with a heart full of gratitude and feeling have put a bit more in the way of light for all.