The most elegant trace of the path

The most elegant trace of the path

Written in: Dec 17, 2014

IMG_2827-1024x682By Amaya Álvarez.

Before beginning this entry, I have to confess that I started the trip to Korea with certain prejudices. I have always found very easy to communicate and share with Latinos, my mother is Venezuelan and I have traveled extensively in South America, continent that fascinates me. En EE.UU. I studied last year career, and is a place where I also feel very comfortable. Say you know the codes, the language that goes beyond language itself.
Nevertheless, Asia generates me a lot more respect, I cohibo not violate any rules, I think I should not touch people, Not to mention very high, not very expressive for fear of being strident.
Whereupon I arrived in Korea a little intimidated by a culture completely unknown to me.
I found an incredible country. I was very pleasantly surprised as combine modernity and hypertechnology with impeccable forms, a respect for its history and neighbor. But that respect does not mark the distance, that was my mistake, it is simply to listen, see the other, coming very quickly to a completely natural and comfortable proximity.
My feeling on arrival was empathy and would have never imagined.
Although it is true that there is a common varnish in all communities OCD fraternity, but the feeling was beyond. It was everywhere.

Korea is peculiar, is incredibly eclectic architecture, all styles and live longer seen from the plane countless towering buildings, half the population lives in Seoul, and glass skyscrapers against you find houses two floors of brick, and feet away, a wall and an ancient temple. People are smart, and in general, walking down the street you can not help dwelling on as dress and walk. The food is absolutely delicious and everywhere smells good. And ice cream, Typical there made a snow base, giants. And despite being below zero, the ice-creams shops were full and I insist, giants.

I often amuse myself in describing the place and perceptions have felt on culture rather than celebrations. But is that, in this case, especially one thing reflected the other.

Masses were elegant, delicate, exquisite and carefully to detail. Also with lots of technology, with live emission to flat screens in the outside, projections ... And what video and photo cameras, both Pablo and I were looking at them all the time.

But above all the preciousness, from decor, to music and voices in the choir, up the blanket that covered the hair of virtually all women.
The nuns of Seoul delighted us with dances, beautiful and subtle.

Korean love in all its expressions.
It is the quintessence of kindness, of making you feel comfortable and assist you, always with that elegance in the gesture as in the word.

And here I am a little short of words, until I came back to keep discovering this fascinating culture.

Many thanks to the friars for attention, the hospitality and sympathy, to the seculars, and nuns to prepare the ceremonies so beautifully.