The V Centenary of St. Teresa raises high interest

The V Centenary of St. Teresa raises high interest

Written in: Sea 16, 2015


Javier Ramirez with one of the winners

The Board of Castilla y León has launched more than 1200 cultural activities related to the figure of the Holy since last year. Thus the expectation that surrounds it is clear to V Centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus and, another example of this, was the conclusion of the procurement market, held in Alba de Tormes, and counted with the presence of 50 tour operators. In this quote the CEO of Tourism delivered seven distinctive "Ambassadors of religious tourism in Castilla y León"To as many international companies from countries such as Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Italy, United States or Colombia, for its efforts to disseminate the V Centenario.

The Director General of Tourism Board, Javier Ramirez, emphasizes the interest in the anniversary of the birth of Saint Teresa of Jesus and therefore from the institution seeking to boost "Touristy side" This event. It is, thus, emphasize not only the religious part, but also exploit cultural face, artistic and historical commemoration. It also states that is "fundamental strategic axis " of tourist attractions featuring "international opportunities ". For this reason in recent months are intensifying all activities that will give a boost "Strategic" event, according ensures Director General of Tourism.

As geographical landmarks all activities that are being developed, Avila and Alba de Tormes are positioned to meet the increased supply of events. In fact, next day 23 this month opened its doors the Ages of Man in these two municipalities, further, will count with the presence of Queen Sofia and travel to these locations thousands of visitors.