Luis Miguel Sánchez: “I hope that our work reflects the true spirit of joy Teresa”

Luis Miguel Sánchez: “I hope that our work reflects the true spirit of joy Teresa”

Written in: Jan 23, 2015

Today at 19:00 hours is presented, in the convent of Discalced Carmelites of Toledo, Album "Forever, always, always " Choir "A Zaga your footprint" dedicated to V Centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus. To mark the occasion, we interviewed P. Luis Miguel Sánchez, director of the Toledo Choir. You can read below their enriching answers:

cd para siempre siempre siempre

What texts of St. Teresa of Jesus have inspired you when composing your CD today are presenting "Forever, always, always "?

The first thing to clarify is that this album contains the 10 songs sung in what we call "RETABLO TERESIANO ". We present four pictures or scenes from the life of Santa Teresa. The text of the "Retablo" is the work of Carmelite P. Juan Alberto Cármenes, Cuban, already passed away some years ago, who spent much of his life in Spain. In each box they are interspersed with text that is recited songs alluding to the time.

The first picture tells the drain Teresa and Rodrigo Moorish lands for descabezasen and gain heaven. At that time the song is sung: "Forever, always, always ", that interprets Teresita girl and is based on the first chapter of in the “Book of Life". This table ends with the offering Teresa does the Lord, his poem sung: "I'm Your, I was born for you ".

The second table presents the encounter of Teresa and John of the Cross in the convent of Medina del Campo. Meeting critical to the work of Santa Teresa. The musical text of this scene are some verses of "Spiritual Canticle" of John of the Cross and ended up singing one jot based on that famous phrase of his daughters Teresa: "Rejoice, my daughters, I have already half monk ".

The third describes the visit Teresa, accompanied by some merchants of Medina del Campo, makes the first foundation of the Discalced in Duruelo. We could say that is chronic Teresa recounts in Chapter 14 Book of the Foundations. A lovely story. We sing this sentence John of the Cross "In the evening of life ... ", and ended with a song entitled: "Today my heart sing", expressing the joy of seeing how they live those first Discalced Carmelites.

The last scene puts Teresa, sick and tired, Medina del Campo starting his last trip. It is poised to Alba de Tormes. On the way live intense moments of encounter with Jesus. Two poems by Teresa sing: "Oh beauty that you excedéis " and "I live without living in me".

We end this RETABLO with a song that contains several sentences describing Teresa and the apotheosis of the final encounter with the Father. We have titled the song: “Sing, bells, a gloria".

What does it mean for the Choir "A Zaga your fingerprint" the V Centenary of the birth of the Holy musically? What level staff?

Is the contribution we want to do this V Centenario. We hope to represent and lead this RETABLO many sites. We started thinking about this project while, but the occupations are many and it takes time to compose, rehearse, record, etc. It is true that the group "A behind your footprint" have joined three other contributors to this project. They have composed four of the songs.

On a personal level it has been a challenge for me. He had not composed anything about Santa Teresa, and I have seen the need to do so on this occasion. It's one more way to approach his writings, seek ways to summarize and present the wealth that Teresa gives us in his writings, and still always learning from it.

And you as a director and Father at once?

As director is a pleasure and hopefully enjoy and enjoy this year with representations we do. The experience of other Centenarios helps prevent mistakes, and no doubt that technical developments also make it more affordable and easier representations. Rather than directing what I do is coordinate work some other. Always work in a team and when each brings the best you have you can not ask for more.

As Carmelite I felt compelled to do something. There are many people living spirit without belonging Teresian Carmel and has presented his work. I wanted to do from the internal perspective, i.e., from within the Order, as a child of Teresa. I hope that our work reflects the true spirit of joy Teresa, brotherhood and closeness to their convents wanted Teresa.

Tell us more about other projects in your long career, for example, we know that many of them focusing on John of the Cross. Do you also about his relationship with Santa Teresa? What other future projects got underway with St. Teresa of Jesus as central?

The truth is that it has taken over time without realizing. It's been a few months and walk with delay. In 1991, to mark the fourth anniversary of the death of John of the Cross, represent the "Retablo Sanjuanista". Figures of Teresa and John of the Cross walk together. As a result of that work came to light two discs: "Spiritual Canticle " and "Let's go see your beauty". Are some poems and songs about Saint John of the Cross.

Now turn to Teresa. The next project will be a CD on texts by Teresa. Most melodies are finished, missing record vocals and finalize arrangements. We must devote time and sometimes not found.

I can anticipate some of the issues that will be part of this new project. There is a song called "From my mother I learned", based on what counts Teresa in Book of Life. It is one of my favorite. Another entitled "Watering the garden", is chapter summary 11 Life, numbers 6 and 7. Poems of Teresa "Live without living in me ", "My beloved is mine", Colloquium of love,"" Let nothing disturb "… And some others concerning Teresian texts: "Strong Friends of God", "Prayer", "Trying friendship" ...

Hopefully by early March you can see the light of the new work.

What feelings seek to generate in your listeners in relation to the figure of the Holy?

Go with what the text and songs express. Just use your imagination as we see and hear. I'm sure the people who see the Altarpiece Teresian enjoy and be like reliving those moments that he lived Teresa. They will excited by the spirit that emanates from the text and the poetry of Teresa showing that deep love with God. Would that also generate curiosity deeper into his writings, read more, to learn more about Teresa. This V Centenario is a great opportunity for many people to hear about this unique figure and come to drink and enjoy their spiritual freshness to satiate so thirsty.

Finally I would add that the first beneficiaries are members of the group: "A behind your footprint". The sisters Ana and Inmaculada Sánchez de la Peña singing lead with parents Tito and Miguel over 20 years, (thanks for the fidelity to the Carmel of Toledo in as many years). Now has also joined the small family: Teresita Sanchez de la Peña, which is a delight to hear her sing. We also have joined this project three excited collaborators with the figure of Teresa: Alberto González, Silvia Fernández and José María Sánchez, to whom I thank for their work and collaboration.

I do not want to forget the children who play Teresa and Rodrigo. Matching!, called Rodrigo González González and Teresa Sánchez de la Peña. Thanks also to them, through patience and persistence in trials.

We hope together to realize our dreams and desires with the help, inspiration and intercession of St. Teresa.

Para Siempre, Siempre, Siempre