Naked Freire: “Santa Teresa is a universal reference”

Naked Freire: “Santa Teresa is a universal reference”

Written in: Sea 04, 2015

Last 5 February writer Naked Freire presented in Avila his latest book “Born for you. A month with St. Teresa of Jesus”. Tomorrow it will be released in Blanca closing the sixth edition of the Literary cycle 'Rio de Letras'. In such a special occasion as the V Centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus, We chatted with the author, the youngest winner of the Planeta Prize, what this means for her new book.


Why now a book about Santa Teresa beyond where we are in the V centenary of his birth?
For years I wanted to write about it, and indeed, I devoted several articles, but I thought it was too young to understand some of their experiences; not want to rush. On the other hand, if he continued postponiéndolo, never be the right time.

What other Santa Teresa want to expose your writing?
I do not know if another, but rather aspects that I find very near, very contemporary: I think many people can benefit and learn from his life and his work, its maximum and spirituality, and have not approached her either because they have been told Santa Teresa in a superficial way, or because they are conditioned by certain labels. My aim would be to break these prejudices and show a fascinating woman and very complete.

What personality traits would you highlight?
His sense of humor, its enormous intelligence, honesty with herself, intellectual curiosity… the ability to combine a life rich espiritul while an overwhelming practicality.

How do you express in the book his mystical side?
With all the respect it deserves, but with the logical confusion of those who have not experienced that religious mysticism. It is difficult to understand, and much more to explain. She resorted to poetic expressions, comparisons, very beautiful images that remain in force 500 years later, and I think that find, as few, to intuit what she lived.

Teresa goes far beyond being a religious character, What do you say to those unbelievers who are unaware that other Teresa?
That like any great personality, It is full of contradictions, an evolving; do not believe does not mean not understand who does, and learn from their experience. That is a universal reference, a model of behavior in a time when we are short of them. That has so many facets that it is strange not be identified or interested in, at least, one, and, last, for me this journey is not over. I believe that, for many years, I will continue trying to understand and learn more about Teresa.

Finally and recalling the parallel beams of the Holy andariega with contemporary women. You really have to see? What can readers discover Santa Teresa in your book with what feel identified?
I believe, in my heart, which of course yes, was a woman with an enormous capacity to anticipate their time, and that some of their concerns and conflicts are the women of the XXI century. In many chapters I realize that parallelism: still in a difficult world for women, even in the West. Is complicated dedication to intellectual activity; many single women are questioning who they are. The desire to approach God is still there… And she speaks very clearly, as if it were actually a close friend, a mirror in which look.