Missionary Experiences: Pablo, cameraman of the Path of Light

Missionary Experiences: Pablo, cameraman of the Path of Light

Written in: Feb 06, 2015

Pablo montesinos

On their way to Lomé, during some time off waiting for the next flight, F. Julio Almansa takes the opportunity to ask some questions to Pablo, the camera that will accompany Path of Light, the pilgrimage with his cane Santa Teresa, Ávila who left the 15 October 2014, and is touring the world:

Well, first of all, What's your name, where you are, and how you embarked on the Path of Light?

My name is Pablo Montesinos Soudry. I'm from Málaga, but normally work between Barcelona, Madrid and Andalusia. I am a camera, illuminator and producer of documentaries. I embarked on this project because I got news that someone needed a similar job profile to mine. I was very lucky, and they chose me for this trip.

Some people say "a responsibility of this magnitude in the hands of three lay" ... what advantages or disadvantages do you see, or have been discovered along the way?

The team of pilgrims has always comprised of a Carmelite friar, the care of the spiritual aspects, and three lay, we perform a task more "technical": a medico (Cristina), a female journalist (Amaya) and camera.

But besides, at no moment we have felt as four alone persons going around the world. The V Centenario Foundation has been supporting us at all times. And especially, Carmelites of each site you have spent welcome us as brothers, with a huge and heartfelt joy to receive the relics of St. Teresa at home. They have shared with us all: responsibilities for organizing events, travel, weariness, celebrations, etc.

As little inconvenient, from the point of view of my experiences, is that we have gone too fast for any of these places, where I would have liked to stay longer.

The Way of light has passed through 21 countries so far, has touched of one form or another of people 4 continents and you visited. How it is affecting you?

By starting this project, I knew it was going to be a trip very, very special. He knew that the huge amount of realities, places and different people would find me going to change my way of seeing things, and situate in the world. And indeed it is being well for us. This trip is allowing us to put aside many prejudices and clichés, and experience from within the fraternity of people around the world is possible, and necessary.

Whom would you greet in a special way?

We always get to the places making a lot of questions and interviews for the videos of Path of Light. This has allowed me to get close quickly with some monks who have met along the way. I have pleasant memories of these people, and I would love to meet again with them and continue chatting. I think it would not be very elegant to forget about anyone, so I send a big salute to all Carmelites who welcomed us on our tour of America, Asia, Oceania and Africa.