Foundation V Centenary

Who are we

Written in: May 06, 2014

The Foundation V Centenary is a cultural non-profit institution that is in charge of the organization of the program to commemorate the V Centenary of the Birth of Saint Teresa of Jesús. It was approved in the Register of Foundations and constituted by the Order of the Discalced Carmelites (OCD) in June 2013.

Spread the knowledge of the work, life, the lessons and thinking of Saint Teresa of Jesús […]
Order ECD/1251/2013 of 17 June

This is the finality of the Foundation that materializes in the promotion and consecution of the following actions:
· The conservation and restoring of the goods of the Historic Patrimony of Spain connected to Saint Teresa de Jesús (according to the Law 16/1985, of 25 June, of Historic Patrimony of Spain).
· Establishment of the net of pilgrimage.
· Responsibility of the Teresian formation.

From his creation, it has received the support of many particulars, institutions and enterprises that were interested not only for the Commemoration that will be developed in 2015 but also for what that will mean in the long term, being the establishment of a route of work for the touristic, cultural, economic and social foment in diverse sectors. To be able to fulfill their functions, the Foundation V Centenary has been designed beneficiary entity of the donations and contributions made to contribute with the celebration.