Until next time, partner!

Until next time, partner!

Written in: Jan 19, 2015

Padre Antonio
By Amaya Álvarez.

Until next time, partner!

Our journey continues, however there has been a significant change, as Father Antonio González he has been with us the last three months has been given the baton to Padre Jerome Paluku, to guide us in the African part of the trip.

And then we will have the pleasure of the Father Julio Almansa lead us to the western part of the continent.

And a mixed sensation occurs, on the one hand, delighted with our new companions but, on the other side, longing for him who gave us the first steps on this path, and put so much effort and heart so that everyone could be a little more involved in this celebration of the V Centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus.

From here my gratitude for so many shared moments and the certainty that we stay together on the road.

A big hug, Father Antonio,

See you soon!