Indications for celebration

Indications for celebration

Written in: Sea 06, 2015

World Prayer for Peace

26 de marzo de 2015 – V Centenary of the birth of Saint Teresa

Indications for celebration

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

On this day, F. General of the Order, Saverio Cannistrà, ocd, has called about an hour worldwide prayer for peace, held in all our monasteries and convents, and in the fraternities of the Secular Order, as 26 March next.

The same as P. Saverio indicates, begin this prayer Pope Francis, to which the Order heartfelt thanks for having loved captaining this initiative, making ecclesial. It is, clearly, a beautiful gift for our Holy Mother.

The time of prayer begin at 06:00 (GMT). From that moment, communities and fraternities can start praying for peace at the time and in the manner they deem most appropriate and adequate. In some countries, may be relevant transfer prayer daily 27: no problem with that. Need not match the time everywhere, the purpose is fill the hours of the day with our prayer for peace.

Besides this, I send an outline of prayer prepared by the Center for Pastoral Initiatives Spirituality Burgos (Spain), it is by no means binding; is sent only as a guide and in order that they can use communities that wish.

The pray that, along this month, Public yourselves this initiative, so that they can participate in all who wish: communicate this to the diocesan bishops, to your parish priests, groups of lay people who will attend and all members of the Teresian family, so they can participate with you in prayer or prepare themselves at other times praying celebrations with this intention. It would be nice also that you can invite the participation of families, at home, they can join when global prayer for peace and the sick and lonely people, to feel accompanied on that day in prayer.

As a sign, for the hour of prayer place a candle in a visible place also from outside (must first be somehow explain why this candle means).

According to the Holy See, we also invite this moment of prayer to believers of other Christian denominations and other religions, as indicated by P. General in his letter. Wherever possible, We beseech you to see how to convey to fellow Christians and members of other religions this invitation. Following the indications of the Magisterium and according to commissions ecumenism and interreligious dialogue diocesan, may be convened ecumenical and interfaith celebrations appropriate.

May God, through the intercession of St. Teresa, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and San José, hear this prayer we put into the hands of his Son trusting in the Spirit prays within us.

Your brother:

Fr. Emilio J. Santa Teresita Martínez, ocd

Vicar General

Rome, 5 de marzo de 2015