Days Teresianas in Oxford

Days Teresianas in Oxford

Written in: Sea 24, 2015

In University of Oxford there will be a teresianas days day 27 and 28 March to commemorate the V Centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus. Different experts about Santa Teresa de Jesus addressed at this conference different aspects of the Holy.

Universidad de Oxford
Talks on anthropological and historical aspects such as: Carmelite Pat Mullins on Carmelite traditions in times of Santa Teresa; of Edward Howells on first foundation of the Holy, the Convento de San José de Avila 1562; or of Joan Sawn discusses his influence in Portugal.
The representation of St. Teresa of Jesus through the work of Vincenzo Carducci Theme of the conference Jeremy Roe.
But they also taught other conferences: Peter Tyler will raise the question of whether The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa are the Platonic agustinianos; Trevor Dadson He discussed the confrontation between Teresa and Princess of Eboli; Gillian Alghren point out that the Holy open two-way mysticism on the one hand, proposes a method to advance mysticism and secondly, establishes a holistic way to attain knowledge; Others Matthew exposes the oración Teresina; and Elena Carrera contrasts the fear and courage of St. Teresa.

The conference will close with a concert of texts Song of songs and readings of short works of Santa Teresa, interpreted by the group Contrapuctus, University of Oxford.