Together let's walk

Together let's walk

Written in: Jan 17, 2015


By Father Antonio González.

The memories and feelings crowd when a handful of hours until landing in Madrid, to return to my community and my work in Spain. We lived three extremely intense months. With this first phase of the pilgrimage "Path of Light", We have traveled tens of thousands of miles., which led us to corners of the Ecuadorian Amazon, the islands of Samoa and Flowers, as well as the streets of large cities like Mexico or Taipei, to end our journey in India, an immensely diverse country, who received us in celebration full of fervor and colorful.

The diversity of landscapes, climates, cultures ... just unparalleled in human wealth that we have found. In memory and heart come to the fore the faces of the people who welcomed us, sharing their love for St. Teresa of Jesus and his experience of the Carmelite charism amidst projects, difficulties and hopes. The confidence with which the friars have been with us and talked about many things; the hospitality of the Carmelite nuns, translating his contemplative look on a profound ability to host; the love and creativity of the Secular, simple and vital devotion of so many others ... all this goes beyond what the words are right to express.

The flame that lit Teresa Avila four centuries and a half ("I determined to do the little that was in me," said then) has spread worldwide and burns with multicolored light, with increasing brightness; and at the same time, in need of care and attention that has everything human. We discovered Carmelo like a big family, with such human spirituality and as versatile as honda.

Many individuals and communities come to remember me, and shall continue to. And I will miss Amaya, Pablo and Cristina, a formidable team, as a family, after many adventures as we have spent together in recent weeks. They continue the pilgrimage. And what we have shared with us continues to unite, and inviting make way, each in the way that we touch walk. To us, people we found, and to those we are captivated by Teresa, His word invites us to keep walking, continue to grow. Therefore, not think of a better way to say goodbye to another word of our holy:

Together let's walk