Lime and Sand Road

Lime and Sand Road

Written in: Sea 07, 2015


By Amaya Álvarez.

Getting to Israel was not plain sailing. Much less. Having a stamp in our passport Lebanon and countless other stamps of this global journey made immigration officers questioned us a lot. It was an experience waiting more than three hours questioning on three occasions. Separately without understanding much was happening. My biggest concern was our hosts were waiting for us and we ended up never to leave. Nevertheless, I have to say that too few problems we had in all these months and finally we could enter the Holy Land, it is true that not arrived in time to the first evening prayer. We went to Bethlehem almost at midnight, which the nuns away from contrariarlas seemed a happy coincidence.

Visit Holy Land is a wealth of experience and very intense feelings in no time and space. We visited the Church of the Nativity, the Holy Sepulchre, where Jesus performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes, where he gave the Sermon on the Mount, where he asked his disciple Peter if he loved, Mount of Olives, the place where Jesus wept over Jerusalem in his dark night and now occupies a wonderful church that represents the time. Ultimately the places where he lived and preached. In our first hours there and did not want to blink. It seems that every stone has a story to tell. Enter the caves and catacombs is like diving into another world and another time. Only Jerusalem hidden under their buildings so much history, one would want to stay at each site for hours, to continue discovering details.

The mixture of cultures and religions mark Holy Land, where the same hear bells, the call to Muslim prayer; As you walk along an Orthodox Jew, go through the Arab neighborhood, after Christian and so ...

Another peculiarity that reached its peak here in the Holy Land is the internationality of Carmelos. On this trip we visited, many convents and monasteries and always strikes us find Discalced Carmelites from around the world. But that peaks in Israel, where both the nuns and friars live in completely international communities. We usually when we have a chance to put the friars and nuns some of the videos we recorded, for example, if a Brazilian nun in Ivory Coast, because we put the video in Brazil. This is impossible in the Holy Land, nonmaterial had time to put videos from many places. I personally think it's wonderful, It is the small scale world. Is coexistence between brothers and sisters even though they come from completely different places. An example of respect and brotherly love.

But, clearly, one of the most special moments of this trip we have lived in Haifa, Mount Carmel, I was personally anxious to get there birthplace of the Carmelites and Santa Teresa speaks in the fifth mansion Interior Castle: "Because this was our first, this breed we come, of those holy fathers of ours of Mount Carmel who in such great solitude and contempt for the world sought treasure, this precious pearl we speak ".

In the hands of the friars of Haifa who welcomed us so pleasantly and nuns who had a special permit and escorted, got together to stave off the Wadi Siah. At the heart of Mount Carmel, around the Fountain of Elijah, where there are still the ruins of the church and the caves where these hermits lived, that gave life to the Carmelites.

Once there, after a procession through those mountains in the footsteps of the first Carmelites, in a makeshift altar in the center of the ruins, with wild flowers adorning the reliquary, Cane Santa Teresa finally reached the place where the order was born then reformed Santa Teresa. We lived an emotional time of prayer. The truth is that with hearts full of joy, satisfaction of who feels just made something very important.

For that instant, no matter how hard we prove enter Israel, or exit, was even worse. They are at times so for those who know that every effort should be made. Because in this trip have been many moments as well, where magic can breathe. Where we all feel more united and connected with our faith. Moments when one feels immensely happy and full.

Thanks again, all we acompañáis reading these texts or watching videos, In accepting those we, To those who we carry in your prayers and who make this pilgrimage Cane Santa Teresa.