The warm welcome in Samoa

The warm welcome in Samoa

Written in: Jan 09, 2015


By Amaya Álvarez.

The warm welcome in Samoa does not diminish even for a moment his fame. With fresh flower leis we were received in each of the places we visited. With sweet melodies typical Pacific waited on every corner.

But, by the dates we were, I will always remember Samoa as the island of the carols.

With only 300.000 people, Samoa is a wonderfully unspoilt place, with a very own culture. The beaches look idyllic but clouds and rain do not give us respite. And flowers of every color adorn homes, fences, roads and, of course, hairstyles women.

Everything is as one imagines. The physiognomy of the people, peaceful feeling no rush no. Immediately you wonder what I could do on this island? What business could ride to live here the rest of my days?

The Cathedral of Apia is incredibly beautiful, very large stands majestically in the center of town, stands on an island of low houses.

Christmas decorations contrasts with pai everyone waving to appease the heat, and short sleeve shirts. I am struck by the dress of the islanders, so casual and elegant at once. Again the personality stands.

For us, Christmas was being weird, no cold, without those evenings when the sun has already fallen and cities look full of bulbs. No Christmas shopping or blow hands together for warmth. No Christmas ads, even the Freixenet. Conversely, all full of palm trees, and people with hats and sunglasses. We had Christmas feeling, until we arrived in Samoa. Every day, after each Mass or celebration, enjoyed countless choirs singing carols, children's choirs, young, men, women, classic mixed ..., more lyrical, most modern and up to thugs. All mixed with local lore. Typical songs we all know but seasoned with local flavor.

It has been a very different way of living Christmas, and very pretty too.

I also took the smile and the spirit of the Carmelite sisters, that from his monastery moved all the threads of our visit. Unforgettable his joy. NOT ask myself many times by fortune we have to be part of this, i.e., travel on a pilgrimage generated much excitement in its wake, and share with so many different people.

But I want to finish this post without mentioning the group Barefoot Carmelite Secular Samoa. We were greeted and did everything imaginable to make us feel comfortable. And we were shown the most beautiful secret places of the island. Awesome, Samoa and the secular, an outfit perfectly coordinated to, I found out later, divide their time working in nursing, churches, ... while maintaining business schools and families. I was impressed by the degree of commitment to society, with their own spirituality, their jobs and families. I have met many women who have served me an example and inspiration, and I talk about my womanhood women and my own conflicts. I get on this island being able to meet these very consistent with themselves and their environment. I know it has a lot to do with the trip, but I can not help, further, the spectacular scenery, Waterfalls, volcanic mountains and coral beaches. Besides the beautiful Masses in churches with large windows or directly without side walls, in addition to the many people who came to venerate the relic, exotic foods ... which I take from here, you have met a group of women who seem to have discovered the secret to reconcile all, also with absolute humility.

This big family keeps giving me nice surprises.

Thanks again and always!