The Minister of Tourism of Castilla y León presented the Teresian Route

The Minister of Tourism of Castilla y León presented the Teresian Route

Written in: Dec 05, 2014

Ruta Teresiana de Castilla y León

The nine cities of Castilla y León where St. Teresa of Jesus founded a convent form the Teresian Route region, to mark the V Centenario, thousands of tourists will travel along 2015.

Alicia García, Minister of Culture and Tourism of Castilla y León, INTUR presented in last week, along with representatives from the different municipalities through which runs the Road, the details thereof which emerges as a quality tourism product, noting that the V Centenary of St. Teresa is the hub of cultural and tourist programming Castilla y Leon 2015, for which the regional government has allocated 6 million euros.

The Teresian Route links the enclaves where the Holy, living, conducted nine foundations and retaining much of its original legacy, some of them are already benchmark for many tourists who come for reasons of faith or his love of art, culture or history.

The Teresian Route consists of four sub-themes routes: the 'Path of Life', between Avila and Alba de Tormes, of 90 km; the 'Teresa in Heritage Cities' route, connecting Avila, Salamanca and Segovia, of 171 km; the 'First Foundations', that runs between Ávila, Medina del Campo and Valladolid, of 150 km; and 'Latest Mansions', between Soria, Burgos and Palencia (230 km.).

The counselor said to be path will allow to know the Teresian heritage through foundations from a highly personalized itinerary organization.