The Sabina publishes book “Teresa of Jesus”

The Sabina publishes book “Teresa of Jesus”

Written in: Sea 04, 2015


The Sabina presented the book publishing “Saint Teresa de Jesús” written by María-Milagros Rivera Garretas. Historian, filóloga, translator, essayist, mother and grandmother, He is the author of this book to commemorate the 500 birthday of Teresa of Jesus and appreciation for how much it owes to the reading of his works, starting with a children's adaptation of “in the “Book of Life"” was in his home as a child.

The book presents is written in Castilian and English and also has an appendix with fragments of the books of Santa Teresa.

The narrative, aimed at young audiences but also adult, through the main stages of the life of St. Teresa and analyzes the most relevant aspects of his legacy, and the facts that make it a respected historical figure. Subtly illustrated with drawings that combine ink and watercolor, black and white, bilingual edition is part of an interesting collection that claimed the biographies of important women of all ages.

See excerpt from the book (PDF)