The president of Croatia welcomes the Camino pilgrimage of Light

The president of Croatia welcomes the Camino pilgrimage of Light

Written in: Sea 19, 2015

Grabar-Kitarovic, first female president of the country, holding the stick in his hands

The reception takes place on the day of San José, pattern Croatia

Foto del grupo de Camino de Luz con la Presidenta de Croacia After being greeted by Pope Francis, last day 11 March, Path of Light, the pilgrimage that goes around the world with his cane Santa Teresa on the occasion of V Centenario, Croatia has reached Thursday. And they may have had better host. In this case, President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, first woman to hold the post in the 14 years of independence the country.

Grabar-Kitarovic received at the headquarters of the presidency to the Carmelite Father Iván Mora, the provincial Croatian P. Srećko Rimac, and three permanent members of the pilgrimage: Amaya Alvarez (reporter), Pablo Montesinos (producer) and Cristina Marcos (doctor). In the talk that kept, the fight of St. Teresa of Jesus for the dignity of women in his time and emphasized the fact that Teresa was the first woman doctor of the Church.

Path of Light, V Centenario official activity that has the support of Iberdrola, He began his journey in Avila 15 October 2014 and will return to the hometown of the Holy next 28 March. By that date has convened a special Mass, officiated by the Bishop of Avila and the General of the Order, and will be present in the stick. In his long journey 117.000 kilometers 164 days will have traveled 30 countries 5 continents, leaving many stories and special moments: The Pope Francis said and kissed his stick; President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, also received the pilgrimage; Africa, Path of Light was greeted with local dances.

The videos and texts trip, unique personalities of the Discalced Carmelite Order and chronic told in first person by the crew interviews, they are still on the web Light Trail is a recognition and tribute to "the nun restless and wandering" who walked across Spain founding convents of the Discalced Carmelite Order.