Written by Teresa Transverberation

Written by Teresa Transverberation

Written in: Aug 26, 2014

stj escritora

"Did the Lord who saw here a few times this vision: I saw an angel fits to the left side, in bodily form, so I do not usually watch but wonder; though often represent me angels, it is without them, but as the INAH web4last vision I said first. In this vision I saw the Lord wanted so: was not great, but small, Beautiful lot, so on the face that looked very uploaded angels seem all scorch.
Should be called cherubim, that names do not tell me; rather I see that in heaven there is much difference of angels and other other other, he could not tell. Veíale in hands a long golden dart, and finally iron seemed to have some fire. This seemed to me to get to the heart sometimes and reached my entrails. To get, I thought the was carrying, and left me all on fire with a great love of God. It was so great the pain, that made me give those moans, and so excessive smoothness that puts me this great pain, no wish to remove, nor the soul is content to less than God. It is not corporal but spiritual pain, although the body stops not participate something, and even sick. It is so soft requiebro passing between the soul and God, I beg your kindness I give it to whom pensare like I'm lying " (Life 29,13)


“Hiriome with an arrow
enherbolada love,
and my soul was made
with its breeder.
I do not want another love,
because my God I have given,
and my beloved is for me,
and I am my Beloved”.