Today opens the Ages of Man in honor of Santa Teresa

Today opens the Ages of Man in honor of Santa Teresa

Written in: Sea 23, 2015

The Ages of Man this year are devoted to V Centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus, have scheduled a series of activities whose main focus will be the exhibition of sacred art in Avila and Alba de Tormes (Salamanca), two flagship locations during the life of the saint and today were visited by Queen Sofia who, after visiting the exhibition noted that “They have made a huge effort, but Santa Teresa deserves. Vale la pena, for real. It is a wonder”.

These two municipalities will host from today until November, the new edition of the Ages of Man under the name "Teresa of Jesus: teacher of prayer ". An exhibition that was born under a request by the National Commission V Centenary of the Birth of St. Teresa of Jesus to the Ages of Man Foundation. The theme of the exhibition and commemorative works have made part of this new edition of The Ages of Man come from all corners of our Spanish geography (Andalusia, Galicia, Castilla la Mancha, Basque Country, Rioja, Madrid…). All of exceptional quality and executed by artists of universal fame as Zurbarán, Martinez Montanes, Salzillo, Juan de Juni, Alonso Cano, Lucas Jordan, Ribera, Gregorio Fernández, Luis Salvador Carmona and Goya, inter alia.

The exhibition, which today, 23 de marzo de 2015, It inauguraró Queen Sofia, is divided into five chapters in which reference is made to the different stages of the life of Santa Teresa. They all serve to provide all visitors to a deeper understanding of the figure of the mystic. The first chapter takes place in the Convent of Our Lady of Grace (Avila), the second and third chapters in the Chapel of Mosén Ruby (Avila), Chapter IV in the church of San Juan Bautista (Avila) and the fifth chapter in the Basilica of Santa Teresa de Alba de Tormes (Salamanca). The Visiting hours It is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 to 14 h. and 16 to 20 h, its price is 4 euros in the case of the headquarters of Avila and 3 Alba de Tormes. Everything is ready to soak up art and culture!