The daughters

The daughters

Written in: Oct 29, 2014

post-4-camino-de-luzToday I have seen in my own skin every sense of the word "Saudade", it is not exactly miss, neither is exactly nostalgia: It is a deep sadness that stays somewhere in your heart, and is closely linked with joy. I think it has both sadness and joy. And anyone can call me exaggerated, I have been only for 11 days in Brazil, I changed cities every 2 days almost, you can not give time to create a bond or a link to feel that sadness. It is logical that anyone could think so, I also bet you anything that person has not talked for a long time with a cloistered Carmelite nun.

I dedicate this post to all and each of the Carmelite sisters in Brazil, and to the world, of course, but especially to those Brazilian nuns who have opened their homes, their amazing gastronomy, but especially their hearts, their experiences, their beliefs. Both in Aparecida, Tremembe, Jundiaí, Sao Paulo, Teresopolis, Petropolis, San Leopoldo y Porto Alegre.

It is an experience, as everything that happens on this trip, hardly describable. It is a total host, It is a supreme goodness, is taken to the extreme generosity. You get what you have and more. And it is much, but it is even more what they transmit.

We have been in big cities, usually bustling with traffic thundering. Our experience is to go with almost everything in our backs, in our backpacks, cameras, usually with some haste as there is a schedule to keep and no desire to make people wait. Then you enter to the monasteries and they are an oasis of calmness and peace, and surprisingly quiet. You go out in the street and the noise deafens you; you walk in and the first thing that strikes you is the silence. And you say to yourself, how can it be? It seems acoustically by NASA. Cleanliness is spotless, austerity, but warmth of spaces, nothing is superfluous and nothing is missing.

Then calm comes over you, is stronger than you, that whatever you bring from outside. A monastery is the farthest possible place of anxiety.

But there is much more to discover exceptionally, to bring the original cane of the Holy Mother, they allow us to enter into the own clotures to make a procession through the cloister. When you go in, everything is expectation and joy, they hug us with true love for the effort they feel we are doing travelling through all these countries, and also because they are love, a source of love which you do not see the background.

After that, they hardly let us escape without offering us an incredible banquet, we are their guests and the porters of the relic that full them of joy, and as such, they honor us.

When you talk to a cloistered nun the first thing that strikes you is how conscious they are of reality and the world around them; isolation does not mean ignorance, the anecdote that best describes this was the comment of Sister Agnes of Porto Alegre, that apologized because she didn’t know how to use after effects for a presentation they had prepared? After Effects?

When a cloture nun watches you, she watches you truly, intensely and with all her attention, you have the same feeling when she speaks at you and she listens you. That, in the world in which we live, is such a rare quality, that you almost forget it, and you just remember it when someone speaks to you that way. Immediately you want to correspond, for all her generosity in all levels, then you pay all your attention to her, and magic is created. Suddenly you connect and you dialogue with that person at a different intensity, spread something and you feel like you could tell her anything and you understand that everything is fine, you're fine. It is as if they saw the most beautiful thing you. So rather than continue talking you laugh with her and she with you, and has already been created that link. And all you want to convey the love that you receive, that understanding. It seems exaggerated, but you make an awesome gift. I reconnected with a human reality hidden. Understand the concept that both speak: brotherhood. And above all peace with yourself. Speaking briefly, a nun leaves you changed and grateful, interestingly are the ones that give you thanks incessantly.

After you laugh, you laugh a lot, have a sense of good humor. A childish and mischievous look that expresses dynamism and creativity. Breaking any prejudice. And determination, which convey strength and determination; and at the same time, gentleness and kindness. It is a pleasure to know (and I talk and plural, because I have no space to personalize each and every one of them). It is a privilege to be left for a few minutes to share your space, how jealously guard.

I want to dedicate this post as clumsy attempt thanks. Because I feel that there is much that I have received and what is to come. The true daughters of Teresa, best representatives on earth. Are your word made lifestyle, and not just follow his rule, otherwise the values ​​it transmits.

Each of my sentences is true farewell, it will cost me much to forget, I take a lot of you and I hope I have left something in my turn. I feel like pray for me.


Amaya Alvarez

Cristina, our medical asking me to write that she signs this post point by point, except for the NASA part.