The programming of the Sisters for the V Centenario

The programming of the Sisters for the V Centenario

Written in: Oct 28, 2014

The Sisters presented the schedule of specific activities to be undertaken to celebrate the V Centenary of the Birth of St. Teresa of Jesus. A conference and a meeting with international character, the premiere of a musical, a video competition and an exhibition that will travel 24 Spanish cities are the main proposals of the Sisters of Henry de Osso, better known as Sisters.

The Teresian Ninfa Watt highlighted in the presentation made at school Jesus Master of Madrid: "Teresa continues to set trend after 500 years. His figure concerns the whole society and we still questioning people today ". Ninfa Watt said that Teresa of Avila would be incomplete without leading to Master, "As to inform Teresa is to know Jesus", Pilar stressed Straight, general coordinator of activities which supplement the Teresianas up 2015 with the International Meeting in which people come 23 countries to travel the route that the founder of the Congregation, Catalan canonized Enrique de Osso, toured two centuries ago with 4.000 Tortosa pilgrims Avila.

A sample to interpellate

Some of these cities walks by devotees who will join the other, until complete 24, where the Sisters have a presence in Spain, will visit the traveling exhibition designed by artist Siro López, who participated in the presentation, and he said he had "tried to enter into dialogue with the new generations with a simple message, without losing the essential "and in order" that challenges in your life to people 5, 25 and 75 years ".
Entitled "The strength of a meeting", Lopez has created three separate spaces and bound by the same door where Enrique de Osso, in the first, leads to an installation of cubes with photographs hanging from the ceiling to the next room where several "roller" synthesize various concerns of Teresa of Jesus, to conclude in the third paragraph with an oratory where visitors can pray, reflect and have a moment of silence. The set, A modern proposal, will be until next 2 November Monday to Saturday at school Jesus Master, Madrid.

"If Teresa were alive today"

It is the title of the musical that finalizing the Teresianas, to be released 28 de marzo de 2015 and will direct the playwright Alberto Vivancos, with texts by Toni Torrelles and musical arrangements by Alex White. For Pilar Liso, the title is successful because the presence of the Holy "is on our streets and in everyday activities" of the people and wants this to be reflected in the lives of people who come to the events to be held in Spain; if it is the aim of the Sisters, "Teresa hooked by Enrique, and, with both, be with Jesus, and do a series of activities that certainly did not leave a mark ".
The 16 and 18 January 2015, Tortosa will take place in the International Congress which will be presented in different papers linkages Enrique de Osso and Teresa of Jesus.
The video contest "Teresa of Jesus: 3, 2, 1, Action!"For ages 10 and 26 years is the fifth proposal of the Sisters to celebrate 500 years of Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada, apart from the workshops and other proposals that are held on a smaller scale in 24 provinces where it operates.