Teresianos Places: The Church and Carmelite Convent of Alba de Tormes

Teresianos Places: The Church and Carmelite Convent of Alba de Tormes

Written in: Jan 03, 2015

convento carmelita Alba de TormesToday we invite you to discover another teresianos three places: The Church and Carmelite Convent of Alba de Tormes.

In 1571 Teresa de Jesus performed his last foundation in Alba de Tormes. The Church of the Convent, Gin built by Rodrigo de Hontañón, It was intended to be a simple rectangular temple. In 1582 Santa Teresa returned to Alba de Tormes to attend the birth of the Duke of Alba, but soon fell ill and died in his cell. With the beatification and canonization of St. Teresa Temple prints were made, by architect Fray Juan de San José, where was added, the dome, the altarpiece and chapels.

In this temple you can visit both the Church and the Museum of his grave. Upon entering from one side we find across the cell where St. Teresa died converted in the Baroque Chapel, Nearby find two relics of St. Teresa, his arm and his heart.

If we go up to the dome with lantern we can appreciate, looking up, a hexagonal Francisco Rizzi paintings representing different reasons teresianos. On the main altar-tomb find the altarpiece, where the tomb of the Saint is accompanied by various paintings such as The Adoration of the Magi or the Prophet Elijah dress Carmelite. At the top there is a carving representing St. Teresa.

Across find two cameras, built during the expansion of s. XVII to safeguard and nuns venerate the relics and the tomb of Santa Teresa, today is a museum where the artistic heritage of the convent is exposed.

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