Light, Music and color

Light, Music and color

Written in: Jan 21, 2015

Camino Luz Kenia

By Amaya Álvarez.

Africa leaves you with open mouth from the outset. And it seems very daring to speak of Africa in general, because it is composed of 53 countries with landscapes, cultures, completely different languages. Africa is a continent geographically pigeonhole prejudice or an identity does not seem right ... but, in reality, It is also a mythic idea in the collective imagination, following films and documentaries. You close your eyes and imagine the mysterious and fascinating Africa, wildlife and exuberant nature. I can not help pronounce Africa in a whisper to try and evoke that dream and I can not help but smile.

Although we are specifically in Kenya, place that does not detract at all this idyllic picture, but also surprised with the order and organization. One would expect something perhaps less methodical, and is that people are cheerful as could be, Music and rhythm are everywhere, and therefore one or more of disorder improvisation expected. But no, for me it is the perfect balance.

Then there is the mood, joke is part of everyday relationships and one does not escape as a foreigner. From the moment you are a participant in jokes and banter. Kenya is wonderful. I just leave and now I want to go.

Upon arrival we were warned that it was very important to them music and choir, I had much relevance during celebrations. Also with a smile, that Africans are very fond of talking and homilies could last quite. This is commented to us on the way to 75 anniversary of the first foundation of Discalced Carmelite nuns in Kenya, Monastery Nairobi.

Since we often happens, then we realized. A choir of more than 30 people and as many girls as dance troupe began the Eucharist. Wonderful voices but, mainly, emotion as if all that energy to flow directly from a very deep place and were just a voice. Startling.

But this was just the beginning. Then we had the privilege of speaking with Mother Superior, Monique of The Blessed Heart, it provided one of the most sincere and beautiful interviews we have done so far. We talked about the importance of the family in Africa and how hard it could be to a cloistered nun know that their choice was not able to accompany his family in the most difficult moments, I would not be able to help financially, then lift our eyes full of light and tell us that it was necessary to trust God and that if she had received this call, she was sure that the Lord would take care of her family, and that’s how it was being. It should be left in the hands of God, told us. Again I have the feeling that their words come from a very deep place. That feeling has stayed with me at all times since we got here.

Then he said something that touched me a lot and I think the Carmelite nuns have a radar to see exactly what you need and put it at the perfect time. He said, "They have chosen the right person", giving bang on target for my doubts and concerns.

But there was much more, started our journey towards west Tindinyo, Lake Victoria was. And then to Kisii, to attend a celebration at the top of a mountain where they met magnificent outdoor thousands of people, dances, applause, shouts, did not cease. Samples of constant joy and welcome. After a celebration where Sta. Teresa was the focus of the homily later giving way to more songs and dances, until it was the Sun. Returning walking downhill dozens of children chasing me funny and one of the boldest, of 4 or 5 years, came and took my hand directly, when I looked, I smiled expressive and filled my heart with love. Between laughs from your friends, another brave took my other hand, and they went uniting more and more children, well down the mountain, all intertwined and I felt that at that moment could explode with happiness.

Do not know how to express what this place and these people will bring, is a sincerity that disarms. Honesty, elegance, dignity ... the word I am looking for dignity, makes immediately feel admiration. Pure Hearts. That's my feeling to go from here. Needless to say totally in love. I think it shows me pretty.

But I have not spoken almost nothing of the Friars who accompanied us throughout this journey of rural roads and travel hours, with which we enjoy true African experience, music, Laughter, patience many times, joy in each one and a constant concern for us to eat each 15 minutes. Wonderful. I remember you and I will miss you.

I go with the pupils filled with new colors. Grateful as always, without understanding completely this luck.