Medina del Campo Celebrates Cultural Week I Teresiana

Medina del Campo Celebrates Cultural Week I Teresiana

Written in: Sea 18, 2015

The V Centenary of the birth of Saint Teresa of Jesus did not go unnoticed in Medina del Campo (Valladolid), because from tomorrow day 19 will launch an agenda of events framed in the Semana Cultural Teresina which aims to pay tribute to the Holy andariega.

The events begin, as mentioned, Thursday with a representation of "The Palomarcico", historical reenactment of the last visit of the convent of Santa Teresa Medina del Campo, precisely, is chosen as the setting where the work will be developed. The screenings continue the Friday 20, day which will screen the documentary "Teresa of Jesus", presented by the director of the Film Week Medina, Emilio Allende in the Municipal Auditorium.

From Monday 23 March will be when the bulk of the activities of this I Teresiana Cultural Week takes place. On the one hand, Municipal Library will host the exhibition of books "Follow his footsteps" until next 5 April. Besides the diocese of Valladolid has decided to place Medina del Campo as central Pilgrim day 28 March, so much so that a Mass by Cardinal Ricardo Blázquez be held in the Church of San Antolin. Then the image of the Blessed be transferred to the Carmelite Convent of the Mothers.

Those days (27 and 28) the bells of the churches of Medina del Campo announced the birth of the Holy, characteristic activity of all teresianas cities. And finally, Day 31 March be held the Sermon of Solitude and Loneliness Rosario and Hope for Women . Event in which there will be special meditations dedicated to Santa Teresa.

By organizing the Cultural Week I Teresiana "For you born", both the City, as the Discalced Carmelite Order, by the Centro San Vicente Ferrer and various guilds, intended to highlight the importance of its history. The Holy visited the village on thirteen occasions and she launched, in 1567, his second foundation.