New Zealand, a dream

New Zealand, a dream

Written in: Jan 07, 2015

Aucklandmadres-carmelitas090-1024x682By Amaya Álvarez.

To my arrival in New Zealand was like fulfilling a dream, from small dreamed of reaching the Antipodes. In this place the other end of the world. Then, knew nothing of the Antipodes but sounded a novel by Jules Verne.

After the start reading a little about the country gave me a lot of curiosity miscegenation between Maori and settlers from the most diverse places. Australia and New Zealand have always been part of my individual imagination. And I have to say they have not disappointed me anything.

In Auckland, city ​​to which we, there is only one monastery of Discalced Carmelite nuns, we intended to visit, but of course we did not expect anyone to wait at the airport. How wrong we were! A large group of lay was there to greet us and not leave us until our departure. Welcoming us as long as a second family. It's amazing how no common kindness, a desire to make you feel good neighbor in all places where we go. Different cultures, different persons, the same fraternity and, overcoat, respect. That is something that fascinates me because every culture has its conventions and have traveled a lot and is easy to run or misunderstanding. In recent months we have received nothing but respect and care, the same way we have tried to reciprocate.

The nuns of Auckland are a melting pot of nationalities and backgrounds. Also age. They taught languages, We explained their different cultures, I made them the question that came prowling me: “How do they combine the cultures in which diferentísimas? Is there friction?”. The answer could not be simpler and was accompanied by a frank smile. “It enriches”.

And that's something I've also noticed many times during this trip. People, fraternity in communities include sums. Nothing else. And that is something very attached to my own ideal. I live these months ... me is leaving many without words. Which no longer a problem, because I'm here to write.

Inclement weather prevented us from enjoying One Three Hill, sacred place where we would have had a celebration Maori. But let us enjoy yes, a little longer coexistence with mothers and with the laity, After the, also about that. We had a meal where everyone brought a dish and we all gathered in one room, Secular, congregation, curious, was very nice get away and watch, first, that the meeting conveyed celebration and joy, and second, by the variety of people, ages, races ... It was a party as intercultural and cheerful.

If my experience from the 15 October depended, You could say that the world is full of generosity. We go hand in hand, smile smile on a journey where change is constant space. But even once, in no time we felt strange. As far as we were. And that leaves me speechless again. And constantly repeating: Thank you, thanks, thanks.

But what else can you say when people open their homes and donate time, unrelieved.

We continued our journey, and still marveling at the warmth. No longer disarm. I admire the same today, nearly three months after, the first day in Brazil.