Global Prayer

Global Prayer

Written in: Sea 06, 2015


World Prayer for Peace
26 de marzo de 2015 – V Centenary of the birth of Saint Teresa
Call of P. General

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Next day 28 March met 500 birthday of St. Teresa of Jesus. Date, so fervently awaited and so carefully prepared over recent years in all the monasteries, convents and fraternities of the Secular, is already very close.

In the homily I gave last 14 October in the church of Santa, Avila, in the Mass celebrated in the eve of the official acts of the Fifth Centenary, We imagined all trying to make a gift to our Blessed Mother in such an important day and acknowledged that, clearly, the best gift is and will always herself, Teresa of Jesus.

Two days before his birthday, as 26 March, the invito, as children, to offer something that will certainly fill with joy: an hour of prayer. A special prayer time, where everyone's intention is peace in the world. In flames the world, Teresa screamed at the sight of the conflicts and divisions plaguing the society of his time. Also our world burns and, sometimes, we are not sensitive enough or do not have the confidence to believe that we can do something to put out that fire. Entertained, sometimes, in the little things in our daily lives and in the more immediate problems, forget to look up to see the horizon and discover in it the signs of suffering presents our society: wars, conflicts, terrorism, public or domestic violence, cries of pain, silent even before being pronounced.

That will not be a day when we can hide, leaving the solution of these problems that govern, those with responsibilities. The 26 March is a day for Santa Teresa's voice resonates in our hearts and, with her, we determine to do that bit in us convinced that they are not the things of the world to discuss business with God minor.
I proclaim with joy that the Holy Father Francisco, looking favorably upon this initiative, has decided to launch this hour worldwide prayer. From that moment I invite you to pick you up in prayer the light of that intention: Peace.

That in Christ, True Friend, who brought the world the reconciliation with God, raise our eyes to heaven pleading with the Father for the gift of peace, which requires dialogue that promotes reconciliation among men: We forgive and be forgiven, the Lord told us. Let us open our hearts to forgiveness, Let us ask those who have been offended and beseech God to let us peace, which Jesus promised us, not the world, but that which fills the heart with joy and frees us from all cowardice.

Children of the Church, live intensely this initiative that the Pope Francis has also made his and, of your hand, it also summon all believers, following the example that John Paul II taught us in Assisi.

United all, brothers and sisters, in the Jesus of Teresa:
Fr. Saverio Cannistrà Sacred Heart, ocd
Rome, 5 de marzo de 2015