Stolen Words

Stolen Words

Written in: Nov 17, 2014

DSC00501-e1416259964556By Amaya Álvarez.

I steal a few words to Sister María Mónica de Jesús, Carmelite Nun of the Carmel of Mar del Plata.

I hope it would not bother her, but she, in a sentence, has concentrated a lot of what I think and don’t express. Well, in reality, she also borrowed the phrase from Bishop Pedro Casaldáliga, reads:

“At the end of the road you will ask me: Have you lived? Have you loved? And I, wordlessly, I will open my heart full of faces”.

Many people ask me why I'm living, how about the experience. And it's a complex question, because it is a complex experience. We are far from our families, people who love us and served us sustenance provided; exchange, We have fallen into another family that strives to care for and love us too, but whose faces change roughly every four days.

We are on a mission many times I feel that I have very large. And I'm a little choked trying to give the best of me, but sometimes I do not understand. I do not know why I'm here, I do not know why. I do not know what to give to deserve all this.

This is hard. Even if it is a unique experience, and a huge indescribable grace, It is hard. Nevertheless, I know for sure that I will transform and better. And quite a few months after my return will come that moment when I see everything clear and understand much of this journey that still do not understand. I know everything will be in its place and I will think amazed, NOW I UNDERSTAND.

But while, in day to day, I live only a tumult of emotions, learning, voices, smells ... My eyes are filled with landscapes, that most of the time I have to fix them in an instant.

Not enough time to process it, just load it in your backpack and go. But the time will come when all this stop, place and then everything will smile and see a lot of faces full of love that smile Back pleased as letting me know that this is exactly the sliver of them had to take.

Thanks again Sister María, for your words and for this sentence that I feel defines my moment.

And soon, I’ll come back to a joyful chronic of the place where we go. But this is also part of the road, a much more complex way. An inside path.