Pastrana recreates the relationship between the Princess of Eboli and Santa Teresa

Pastrana recreates the relationship between the Princess of Eboli and Santa Teresa

Written in: Dec 15, 2014

Relación entre la Princesa de Eboli y Santa Teresa de JesúsTo celebrate the V Centenario, Association Ladies and Gentleman of Pastrana recreate so dramatized the relationship that existed between the Princess of Eboli and Santa Teresa on the first Saturday of each month.

To 100 people per group of visitors were able to follow the footsteps of these two women in the Ducal Palace guadalajareña town accompanied by personages of the time, performed by members of the association.

Although dramatized visits originate in the Ducal Festival of the year 2013, the success they had then been made, occasion of the V Centenary of Birth of St. Teresa of Jesus, activity was institutionalized. The characters wear costumes made by hand by pastraneros.

The representation begins with sixteenth-century peasants come into the tourist office, found in the building, announcing that Teresa of Jesus is about to reach the Palace as the 10 June 1569.

After the procession of tourists entering the hall to witness the arrival of Avila, with her Carmelite habit and his entourage. Later, visitors see at the Palace of children playing in their yards with toys vintage. Later, in one of the corridors of the first floor of Palace, represents the time when the Princess of Eboli Santa Teresa insists that give him the book of your life, what Santa just giving, with the proviso that only read the princess but actually end up reading the whole princess cut.

Other scenes depicted are: when Teresa delivery habits of the first two Carmelites in the Palace Chapel on 23 June 1569; the wake of the husband of the Princess of Eboli, Rui Gómez de Silva; when Princess cloistered nun is made after the death of her husband; his detention at the Palace after being convicted of murder; or when Santa Teresa discovers that all princess cut has read your book and your reaction.