Scenic arts

Written in: Apr 30, 2014


Realization of a monologue, with selected texts of Saint Teresa de Jesús, that will unite in a dramatic-narrative way, conforming a whole that reflect the vision of the world of the Saint, así como su sensibilidad, her life, and her work. De vocación divulgativa, siempre dentro de los máximos estándares de calidad de teatro contemporáneo.

For this production, they will be a director, a dramatist and a frontline actress, with the idea of showing the most human and at the same time mystical face of the Saint.



Three images, an only person- Saint Teresa.

A mystic trip through the life of the founder of the Discalced Carmelites, a saint that since she was little wanted to be a martyr. Big fan of the books of chivalry during her childhood with whom he developed her big imagination, playing to be an eremite . A young rebel that escaped from her house to be able to profess his faith.

A woman that suffered mockeries and insults of her contemporaries, pursued by the Inquisition but that even so kept fighting and combined her life with the government of her order, with the foundations of new convents and the redaction of books, not losing never the good spirit nor the hope.

“Teresita and the interior world”, explains in a ludic and entertaining way to the kids, who Saint Teresa is from the rigor and respect.

“Teresita and the interior world” talks about love, mystic and childhood of Saint Teresa. A scenic piece with which communicate to the more little something so complex as it was the life of Teresita. Undoubtedly the music, the color, the physical theatre and dance, will be the more adequate tools to talk in scene of the figure of this fascinating woman.