Proposal to the Holy Father

Proposal to the Holy Father

Written in: Sea 06, 2015

World Prayer for Peace
26 de marzo de 2015
V Centenary of the birth of Saint Teresa

(Proposal to S. Father Francisco, would be taken, made modifications deemed appropriate, as a framework for the onset of the global prayer in all places where it is performed)

(At the beginning or end of Mass 26 March, held in Santa Marta presided by the Holy Father, World sentence begins with these words):

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
The Order of the Discalced Carmelites, Friars, nuns and laity, whole Teresian family, celebrated today, united to the whole Church, the hundred anniversary of its founding, Saint Teresa de Jesús, Doctor of the Church.
At the request of P. General of the Order, during the day today one hour global prayer for peace will be held in all convents, monasteries and fraternities. I join this initiative and joyful beginning with these words of prayer to God, Father of all, so that through the intercession of Christ pour out his Spirit upon all nations, so that the dialogue between men expires violence and conflicts that plague our world. In this prayer I invite you to join all Catholics, Christians of other confessions and members of other religions and the men and women of goodwill.

[Brief silence. Propositum ad candle lights]

[The following Teresian text can be read by the Pope or a reader / a]:

"The world in flames […]And should we spend time on things that perchance, if God give, would have a soul less in the sky? No, my sisters, is no time to deal with unimportant things God " (Teresa of Jesus, Way of Perfection 1,5).

[Continues the Pope or a reader / a]:
The world is in flames aching cry Teresa contemplating conflicts, wars and divisions in society and the Church of his time. Today also we do our that cry and present Jesus in the form of supplication: Lord, is burning the world!

[Be Quiet]

[Continues the Holy Father]:

As Santa Teresa, we know our own strength not reach the precious gift of peace. Let's hold it, with her, the strength of the redeeming cross of Christ: "Oh My Lord and my mercy and good mine! And what greater good I want in this life to be so close to You, there is no division between you and me? With this company what to do difficult? What can not be undertaken by you, teniéndoos so close?"
Beside the Cross of Jesus, Hand of the Virgin Mother and Mother, Teresa's hand, beseech God to grow opportunities for dialogue and encounter among men, learn to apologize for peace outbreak in the world as a result of the reconciliation that he has come to bring.
Lord our God, that by your Spirit you raised up St. Teresa of Jesus, to show your Church the way of perfection, Free us of his doctrine and enkindle in us the desire of true holiness, whose fruit is the reconciliation that leads to peace. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, and God, forever and ever.